Police officials, accident survivor visit OU to discuss dangers of distracted driving

OU health sciences student Sam Howell, an accident survivor, and State Police officials join together to discuss dangers of distracted driving
Distracted Driving Awareness Event
Media visited OU on Wednesday, April 4 to report on a distracted driving awareness event hosted by the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning.

On Wednesday, April 4, the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning hosted an event at OU to kickoff Distracted Driving Awareness Month. 

The event took place in conjunction with an OU public health class, and was keynoted by OU student Sam Howell, who spoke about a near-fatal car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury.  


The accident, which occurred in 2005, was caused by distracted driving. Howell was joined by his parents, Jim and Maureen, who shared their experience helping their son through an ongoing recovery process.


Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard also spoke at the event, which was devoted to warning individuals about the dangers of distracted driving. The event garnered coverage from print, radio and TV news outlets.


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