Dennis Condron
Associate Professor of Sociology
528 Varner Hall
(248) 370-2436

Research Interests

Sociology of education, social stratification

Selected Publications

Condron, Dennis J.  2017.  "The Waning Impact of School Finance Litigation on Inequality in Per-Student Revenue During the Adequacy Era."  Journal of Education Finance 43(1):1-20. 
Downey, Douglas B. and Dennis J. Condron.  2016.  “Fifty Years Since The Coleman Report: Rethinking the Relationship between Schools and Inequality.”  Sociology of Education 89(3):207–20.

Condron, Dennis J.  2013.  “Affluence, Inequality, and Educational Achievement: A Structural Analysis of 97 Jurisdictions Across the Globe.”  Sociological Spectrum 33:73–97.

Condron, Dennis J., Daniel Tope, Christina R. Steidl, and Kendralin J. Freeman.  2013.  “Racial Segregation and the Black/White Achievement Gap, 1992-2009.”  The Sociological Quarterly 54:130–57.

Condron, Dennis J.  2011. "Egalitarianism and Educational Excellence: Compatible Goals for Affluent Societies?Educational Researcher 40:47-55.

Condron, Dennis J.  2009. "Social Class, School and Non-School Environments, and Black/White Inequalities in Children's Learning.American Sociological Review 74:683-708.
* Winner of the 2011 James Coleman Outstanding Article Award (American Sociological Association - Sociology of Education Section)

Courses Taught
Applying the Sociological Imagination
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Methods of Social Research
Social Statistics with Computer Applications
Social Stratification