kareen tonsing

woman in a beige shirt and glasses smiling at the camera

Kareen N. Tonsing, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Social Work

531 Varner Hall




Research interests

Immigration, Children and Family, Mental Health, Family Violence

Selected Publications

Tonsing, K.N. (2018). A Review of Mental Health Literacy in Singapore. Social Work in Health Care, 57(1), 27-47.

Tonsing, K.N. (2018). Instructor immediacy and statistics anxiety in social work undergraduate students. Social Work Education, 37(2):223-233.

Tonsing, K.N. & Vungkhanching, M. (2018). Assessing psychological distress in cancer patients: The use of Distress Thermometer in an outpatient hematology treatment center. Social Work in Health Care, 57(2): 126-136.

Tonsing, K.N. & Ow, R. (2018). Quality of Life, Self-Esteem, and Future Expectations of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors. Health & Social Work, 43(1), 15-21.

Tonsing, J.C. & Tonsing, K.N. (2017). Understanding the role of patriarchal ideology in intimate partner violence among South Asian women in Hong Kong. International Social Work. doi: 10.1177/0020872817712566.

Vungkhanching, M. & Tonsing, K.N. (2016). Social Workers’ Perceived Role Clarity as Members of Interdisciplinary Team in Brain Injury Settings. Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation, 15(3-4), 370-384.

Vungkhanching, M., Tonsing, J.C., & Tonsing, K.N. (2016). Psychological distress, coping and perceived social support in social work students. British Journal of Social Work, 47(7), 1999-2013.

Tonsing, K.N., Tse, S., & Tonsing, J.C. (2016). Acculturation, perceived discrimination, and psychological distress: Experiences of South Asians in Hong Kong. Transcultural Psychiatry, 53(1), 124-144.

Tonsing, K. N. (2014). Acculturation and adaptation of first and second generation South Asians in Hong Kong. International Journal of Social Welfare, 23(4), 410-420.

Tonsing, K.N. (2013). Predictors of psychological adaptation of South Asian immigrants in Hong Kong. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. 37(2), 238-248.

Tonsing, K.N., Zimet, G.D., Tse, S. (2012). Assessing social support among South Asians: The multidimensional scale of perceived social support. Asian Journal of Psychiatry.5 (2), 164-168.

Tse, S., Ng, R., Tonsing, K., & Maosheng, R. (2012). Families and family therapy in Hong Kong. International Review of Psychiatry, 24(2), 115-120.


Courses Taught

SW 210 Introduction to Social Work

SW 310 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

SW 311 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

SW 3102 Foundations for Multicultural Social Work

SW 4103 Social Work Practice I

SOC 2010 Introduction to Methods of Social Research