Maria Beam LMSW, Ph.D
Title:  Director of the Social Work Program
 Office: 512B Varner Hall

Maria Beam is the Director of the Social Work Program for Oakland University’s Social Work Program. She received her BA in Psychology, a MSW from Michigan State University,a Post-Masters in Higher Education Administration, and a Ph.D in Educational Leadership. Prior to joining Oakland University, Maria worked for the United Way where she managed outcome measurement training, agency capacity building, program evaluation and agency funding. In addition, she oversaw The Greater Detroit Centers for Working Families—an initiative designed to help low income individuals and families build assets. Maria spent 4 years as the assistant director for an at-risk youth program in Lansing Michigan. She also serves as the chair for the Macomb County Asset Building Coalition.

In her current role as program director, Maria is responsible for the management, accreditation, and oversight of the Social Work Program. She has experience in curriculum development, most recently, with the development of a Child Welfare Minor, Concentration in Gerontology, and has assisted in the development of a Concentration in Addiction Studies and Global Health Study Abroad Program.

Maria is currently engaged in several community based research projects, including early childhood development and public health and her research focus is on food insecurity and college success.

Maria’s interests include social work education; macro practice; asset-based community development; administration; program development, implementation, and evaluation; grant writing;student support services, technology and social work practice
Teaching Areas:

SW 430/432 Social Work Internship
SW 431/433 Social Work Seminar
SW 318 Multicultural Social Work Practice
SW 315 Social Welfare Policy

SW 316 Fundamentals to Social Work Practice
SW 210 Introduction to Social Work
SW 406 Macro Social Work Practice