The current strategic plan was launched in 2015.

The University’s mission and vision, adopted in 2017, complemented the plan.

In the fall of 2019, President Pescovitz announced, “Reimagining OU,” which drew uon critical feedback and timely proposals from faculty and staff. Twelve recommendations were approved, several improved administrative efficiencies. Among the suggestions was the need for a university sustainability plan. 

The development of the Strategic Plan 2030 is an outgrowth of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, and builds on Reimagining OU.

Baldrige Excellence Framework

Baldrige is a critical assessment of universities goals, priorities and processes that included input from more than 50 faculty and staff this past year.

During the FY23 Academic Year, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program included 14 Category Leaders (with 50+ Category Team Members). The teams conducted nearly 300 campus interviews with faculty, staff, and administrators.

From these interviews, high-impact themes were identified.

Creating a new Strategic Plan emerged as a top priority.

What is Baldrige?

  • A results-driven framework to improve organizational performance. The comprehensive management approach focuses on organizational and personal learning, and knowledge-sharing.
  • A dynamic process that fosters strategy-driven performance, while facilitating  customer and workforce engagement. Furthermore, the adopted processes will improve governance and ethics, competitiveness, and long-term organizational sustainability.