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Faculty Feedback

Faculty Feedback is Oakland University's Early Alert system used primarily for the 000-2000 level courses. This system sends a communication to a student's OU email, when a professor has noticed the student falling behind in the course, not doing well academically, or not attending.

Students are encouraged to take action on the next steps provided in the email they receive from their professor on Faculty Feedback.

For Faculty

The success of the Faculty Feedback system counts on faculty giving students feedback early enough in a semester that students can then take action for their academic success.

When can Faculty Feedback be used?
As early as the first week of class.
Faculty teaching courses up to the 2000 level, are required to provide an early alert to students in their classes who may be falling behind in a course through the Faculty Feedback system in SAIL.

Faculty are encouraged to use the system only for students who are not doing well academically in the course and to select the issue of highest concern for intentional resources to be shared with students.

When does Faculty Feedback open?
System opens on September 5th and closes on October 19th.

What is the best way to use Faculty Feedback?
There are four issues for faculty to select:
  1. Not attending
  2. Struggling with course material
  3. Time management
  4. Other: please meet with me
Faculty are encouraged to select the issue of highest concern for the student as this will then deploy intentional resources for the student.

Should faculty enter in estimated grades?
Estimated grades should not be entered for the Faculty Feedback system as students will not receive feedback.

If a faculty member wants to share estimated grades, they are encouraged to do so through the Moodle grading system. Information on how to use Moodle can be found here.

How will faculty know if their Faculty Feedback was sent?
Faculty will receive a summary email 24-48 hours after submitting Faculty Feedback.

Can I use Faculty Feedback more than once in the semester?
Faculty Feedback can be used as often as a faculty members wants to submit feedback to students within the first six weeks of the semester.
For Students

Listed below are recommendations your faculty member may have provided to you via the Faculty Feedback program. Select the recommendation(s) you received for more information.

Please set up a time to meet with me
Don't delay. Your professor is interested in helping you get back on track in the course. Office hours (listed on the course syllabus) are a great way to connect with your professor one-on-one. Plan for the meeting by preparing questions and bringing your course material.

Concerned you are not attending
Regularly attending class is one of the best predictors of success in a course.

If you’re having difficulty attending class, it might be time to assess where your time, energy and attention go. Utilize online resources to get started.

Time management
Course syllabi outline homework and readings necessary to master course material. By completing these ahead of the class sessions, you will be ready to engage in class discussions and ask insightful questions. You will learn the material over time, allowing you to be more successful in retaining the information.

Consider “ time chunking” or learning how to beat procrastination.

Seek assistance at the Tutoring Center
Tutoring is a free service offered for most 000-2000 level courses and several upper-level undergraduate courses. Tutoring is available via one-on-one appointments for selected subjects such as languages and walk-in groups for mathematics, science and business courses.

View the tutoring schedule here. View these  tutoring tips to make the most of your session.

Did you know tutoring is also available in the residence halls? Academic Peer Mentors (APMs) serve as tutors several nights a week during “Tutor Nights.” View the schedule here.

Seek assistance at the Writing Center
Writing consultants are available by appointment to students needing assistance at any stage of the writing process. They help students explore ideas, revise drafts and develop the skills necessary to become competent writers.

Schedule an appointment online here.

To drop a course or not
Considering dropping, withdrawing from or repeating a class? Understand your options and make an informed decision.

If you have an unexpected emergency or catastrophic situation, consult with your  academic adviser right away.