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University Communications and Marketing

Oakland’s University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is the creative force behind the university’s brand, ensuring cohesiveness and continuity of the internal and external messaging.

We’re here to help you create captivating, on-brand communication materials that increase enrollment, alumni participation, donor involvement and campus awareness. Our content adheres to the university’s institutional priorities while following all policies and procedures.

The Be Golden campaign which was created fully in house led by John Young, Debra Lashbrook and Cheryl Russell worked with UCM’s in-house team led by Jon-Paul Bakaric and Sarah Griffith to direct, produce and edit a video to bring it all together. UCM is very excited to share the results of the Telly Awards. 

Telly Award winners represent work from some of the most respected advertising agencies, television stations, production companies, and publishers from around the world. The Telly Awards recognize work created for a client, for a specific brand and/or company, or as a self-directed creative endeavor. They received over 13,000 global entries this year.

  • Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Editing
  • Bronze Telly Winner in Branded Content - Sound & Sound Design
  • Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Videography & Cinematography
  • Bronze Telly Winner in Branded Content - Writing
  • Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Voiceover & Narration
  • Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Commercials
  • Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Not-for-profit
  • Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Educational Institution

0:11 Gold.

0:15 It’s first place.

0:19 A beautiful sunrise.

0:26 Prestige and admiration.

0:30 A standing ovation.

0:34 You think that’s all being golden is about?

0:38 Take what you know, flip it. Think again.

0:44 Being golden is about putting in the hard work.

0:50 It’s a rallying cry to believe in yourself.

0:58 It’s searching for answers where others aren't looking.

1:02 Rising before the sun, and staying up long after it sets.

1:09 Launching technology and stepping into a new world.

1:17 It's about balance, and making time to experience life.

1:25 It’s defying expectations

1:27 and making people look twice.

1:33 At Oakland University, our students power Michigan.

1:39 They get internships and jobs locally

1:42 and give back to their community.

1:50 Our nurses care for you when you’re sick.

1:55 Our engineers drive the motor city into the future.

1:58 Our business leaders propel the economy.

2:03 Our educators teach your children,

2:06 and inspire the next generation.

2:11 We’re moving forward, but remembering where we came from.

2:15 We’re proud to be Golden Grizzlies.

2:21 So never settle for less.

2:23 Be the spark that ignites change.

2:27 Be golden.