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Electronic Marquee


University Communications and Marketing (UCM) manages the three-sided electronic marquee at Walton and Adams, which displays external marketing messages to advance university goals. Strengthening OU’s academic mission and broadening the scope of its community engagement are top priorities.

Faculty, staff, registered student organizations and auxiliaries may submit message requests to promote events and topics appealing to and engaging the general public. Approved messages are posted as scheduling permits.

UCM reserves the right to reject requests falling outside the marquee’s external marketing purpose, and to edit submitted message drafts to meet University brand guidelines. Approved messages are posted at no cost.

Faculty, staff and auxiliaries may submit electronic marquee message requests by emailing their Account Manager in UCM. If a marquee message is one component of a larger marketing or communications project, it should be discussed in conjunction with overall project planning.

The content in marquee message requests should be written as concisely as possible and include no more than four basic elements:
  1. The presenting department or unit
  2. The event name or topic of interest to the general public
  3. The day and date of the event (if applicable)
  4. An easy web address (preferred) or phone number for more information.
NOTE: Departments or units that develop annual event calendars – Athletics; Music, Theatre and Dance; Admissions; Meadow Brook Theatre; Meadow Brook Hall; for example – need not submit separate requests for each event. Calendars can be submitted in whole to the department’s or unit’s account manager.

Registered student organization representatives wishing to submit message requests must first submit them for review and approval by the Center for Student Activities (CSA). Requests should be emailed to Approved requests should be forwarded to the CSA’s designated account manager in UCM.

NOTE: UC&M recommends that all message requests be submitted well in advance of desired run times. Creation of message artwork may be subject to UCM art department scheduling, which could require days or weeks of lead time.

Each approved marquee message will be displayed in 10-second intervals in a rotation of 18 advertisements in cycles running throughout the day. This ensures at least 1 hour of total screen time per day on each of the three screens.

Message spots within daily playlists have been strategically allocated as outlined below to advance the University's mission. Designated administrators will resolve any conflicts arising from a number of requests exceeding the number of available spots. Decisions will be made based on timeliness of approved messages, their applicability to University strategic priorities and other considerations administrators deem relevant.


Academic Affairs
The College and Schools
Undergraduate Admissions
Graduate Study
Office of the Registrar
OU Center for Autism / OUCARES
Macomb-OU INC
University Auxiliaries
Meadow Brook Hall
Meadow Brook Theatre
OU Art Gallery
OU Alumni Association
Golf & Learning Center
Oakland Center
Campus Recreation
Student Organizations
VP for UCM2
Department of AthleticsDirector of Athletics2
University MarketingVP for UCMAs available
Message requests may be submitted as far in advance of an event as the person or department submitting the request wishes. UCM cannot guarantee that requests submitted with less than one week of lead time will be posted.

This three sided display is located at the corner of Adams and Walton. The top portion of the screen is 7ft by 19ft (Also 1920 w x 768h pixels). The bottom portion of the sign is 4ft by 19ft (Also 1920w x 384h pixels). The resolution is 300dpi and the preffered format is JPEG, however, TIFF and EPS will also be accepted.

1. Avoid bright backgrounds, white needs to be reduced by 20%
2. Keep font sizes large
3. Stick to sans serif fonts
4. Avoid crowding display areas