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Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Extended hours on select Saturdays (see schedule) or call for an appointment

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment


Each participant takes the Iowa Test of Educational Development (ITED) to determine current achievement level.  Using the ITED and other factors, participants are placed in class sections by ability.  The Academic Coordinator is then able to work with teachers to address participants’ specific skill challenges.

Academic Support

There is a thematic curriculum each year that contributes to the success of the participants. The theme is incorporated into each core class during the Summer Academy and the objective is to achieve grade level improvement. Activities are also geared toward teaching participants the skills they need to achieve proficient scores on the Michigan Merit Exam such as academic games.

The academic enrichment offered participants throughout high school enables them to stay ahead of their school work. Tutoring is provided by Oakland University students and help is available any time it is needed. University resources, such as Kresge Library and computer labs, are accessible for research or homework assignments. Also, the Project Upward Bound Resource Center has reference books, table-top and laptop computers, and iPads so that resources and technology are always available to participants.

High School Credit

Through partnership agreements with PUB and the target school districts, PUB participants may earn up to one elective credit per year in their school district.  PUB does not award the credit but, rather, notifies the school districts of who has met the requirements and recommends the credit award.

College Preparation

PUB prepares participants for college academically and socially, and limited financial relief may be available for those who qualify. ACT preparation is integrated into each class. PUB provides registration fee waivers for the first ACT and SAT. Career exploration gives participants choices for good career matches. PUB also provides waivers for all college applications and provides hands-on financial aid workshops for seniors and their parents. Oakland University and Oakland Community College both provide on-site admission for all PUB seniors at Saturday Academy. In addition, educational field trips include campus visits with admission presentations and tours as well as college fairs

Scholarship Opportunities

Project Upward Bound participants who achieve and persist through high school graduation become eligible for a number of scholarship opportunities. 

PUB alumni who choose Oakland University are automatically eligible for the Glass Memorial Scholarship. They may also qualify for the Oakland University Trustee Academic Success Scholarship.

Pontiac graduates are eligible to apply for the  Turner Foundation Scholarship and the Pontiac Alumni Scholarship.  Participants may also qualify for Oakland University’s  McCree Scholars Program (full tuition for four years) starting in with grade.


PUB makes every attempt to communicate with participants in the ways that they are used to communicating. This makes learning both fun and interesting.
  • PUB employs social media and text messaging to make announcements and send reminders.
  • Several types of electronic technology are an integral part of classroom operations.
  • Academic games are conducted using electronic technology.
  • PUB has access to OU's science and computer labs and state-of-the art classrooms.
  • Future plans include developing a series of videos on particular topics in case a participant misses a session.
Participants are allowed to bring cell phones to the summer Academy; but they may only be used during certain times. This way, participants are better able to stay focused on learning and to interact with individuals who are in their immediate presence.