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Office Hours:
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Cultural Enrichment

PUB seeks to expand participants' knowledge of diverse groups of people and to improve participants' tastes and refinement. 

Human Diversity

Cultural night is an activity in which participants and staff explore different types of ethnic diversity. There they learn different aspects of ethnic backgrounds such as Hmong, French, Spanish, Hispanic, African, and African American. Many of the cultural presentations are done by participants, parents, peer mentors, tutors, teachers, or members of the O.U. community. The staff and students of Oakland University provide an extensive variety of exposures of  ethnically diverse individuals, foods, and cultural norms. Field trip itineraries include visits to locations that reflect the local lore. 

Taste and Refinement 

Educational field trips include visits to  museums, art institutes, theatres, upscale stores, and fine restaurants. This exposes participants to elements of culture that would not likely be a part of their everyday life. These exposures add a new dimension to their ability to negotiate the world around them. 

Performing Arts 

Every summer, in partnership with campus arts venues, Project participants produce a  stage performance at one of OU's theatre venues . Participants are placed by ability in drama, vocal music, dance, and scene development. The final examination for the Performing Arts Class is the annual stage performance before an audience of family, friends, school officials, and community members. 


Each year, the PUB Parent Association (PUBPA) sponsors a fund raiser for the PUB scholarship fund that is a cultural extravaganza! The Gospelfest presents this unique form of music, not only to PUB participants, but to the general community.  Choirs, step groups, drill teams, silent sign language choirs, dramatic ensembles, and other groups come together to present a professional quality evening of cultural enrichment. To show appreciation for all of the support from the community, PUB Summer Academy participants sing the first three songs on program. If a parent chooses, a participant may opt out of this activity, but it is always a new experience for Summer Academy participants to learn how to follow the lead of our volunteer choir director. The proceeds for this activity fund equal scholarships annually to PUB graduates who enroll at OU.


Oakland University has a significant community of international students any of whom PUB hires as Academic Year tutors or Summer Academy Tutor/Teacher Assistants. Consequently, PUB participants must acquire an ear for understanding accents which will serve them well in college. The summer academic curriculum also includes a Language and Culture Class where participants must speak the language being taught – no English allowed!

Dining Etiquette

During each Summer Academy, the Project Director conducts dining etiquette training. It starts with the invitation to dinner with a cocktail hour and ends with the post-event thank-you. One example of a lesson learned is that participants who do not RSVP must wait until everyone else has been seated to determine whether there is room for them. Having completed dining etiquette is a pre-requisite for selection as a delegate to a state, regional, or national student leadership activity.