Department of Writing and Rhetoric

O'Dowd Hall, Room 378
586 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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Retention Initiatives

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric has engaged in a number of initiatives to engage students in first year writing more fully, to prepare them for the intellectual demands of college writing, and to bond them more deeply with the university community.
  • An embedded writing specialist program that integrates consultants from the OU Writing Center as supplemental instructors in WRT 102: Basic Writing.
  • A revised WRT 102 curriculum pilot and assessment.
  • A rigorous 2-year review process and performance reward system for Special Lecturers committed to student engagement.

  • A WRT 150 Connections curriculum that integrates activities to connect students with academic support and career explorations. An additional¬†Special Lecturer Initiative for SLs to perform additional service in terms of extra advising hours, campus activities, professional development, service learning activities, and other high impact practices.
  • A revised WRT 160 curriculum and assessment process that emphasizes academic inquiry in the local context and adapting to disciplinary conventions.
  • A technology initiative that uses Moodle to allow students to preview course syllabi and materials before classes begin and engages students beyond the classroom during the semester.
  • A technology initiative for faculty to explore uses of mobile technology in the writing classroom for engaged learning.¬†