charlie gragg

Charlie Gragg

Special Lecturer
Office: 166 Dodge Hall
Phone: (248) 370-2739


Charlie Gragg is a special lecturer for WRT 1050 and WRT 1060 in the Writing and Rhetoric Department. He also has extensive experience teaching at the high school AP English Language level, as well as scoring SAT and AP essays for the College Board. He is highly practiced in designing and teaching both regular classroom and online courses across a wide spectrum of English and social studies subjects and online platforms. Gragg’s primary academic research interest is studying the writing philosophies of great writers.

Gragg served as the Online Coordinator for Holly Area Schools (Holly, MI), where he created and managed the online program for the school district. This included managing online curriculum vendor and teaching partnerships, registering and mentoring students for online classes, and leading the effort to develop internal, blended online classes. Over 2000 students have participated since the 2009 inception of the program. Gragg also serves as a Board Member for The VHS Collaborative (Maynard, MA), an early pioneer in online learning, with over 600 partner schools across 35 states and 30 countries.

Prior to his career in education, Gragg served for 20 years as a marketing executive for educational software, information processing, internet, telephone, personal computer, and other technology-based companies, including Detroit Edison, Frontier/Allnet Communications, Computer Sciences Corporation, Kensington Microware, Western Union, and Bell & Howell.

Gragg’s extended family members live in 17 different states and 4 different countries, so he travels a bit. Gragg recently finished the complete restoration of the historically-registered, Ulysses S. Hull 1851 farm house in Killingworth, Ct. He is also a member of the Northford Timber Framers, a Connecticut-based guild that constructs post-and-beam barns using early 19th-century building techniques. Gragg is known to sometimes digress in class J.

Teaching at OU since 2014, Gragg shares Fred Newmann’s definition of authentic achievement: students construct their own learning through disciplined inquiry that has meaning beyond school. Social constructivism lies at the heart of his classroom process, which embraces recursive, multi-draft, peer-reviewed writing as a stepping stone to professional career collaboration. The problem solving, research, communication, and synthesizing skills needed for professional career advancement are best achieved through a voyage of self-discovery in the classroom.


M.A. in Education. University of Michigan (2003).
M.B.A. University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (1982).
B.A. in Economics. Harvard University (1980).


WRT 1050 Composition I
WRT 1060 Composition II