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Departmental Advising

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Biological or Biomedical Sciences are encouraged to consult with departmental faculty advisers to plan coursework or to discuss any aspect of their undergraduate career. Scheduling an appointment with an adviser is highly recommended. Quick questions can also often be answered by emailing the faculty advisers. We are committed to providing you with the resources you need for a successful education within the Department of Biological Sciences.

We suggest meeting with a departmental undergraduate faculty adviser at least once per year, in addition to meeting with the College of Arts and Sciences advisers for your general education requirements.

Schedule an AppointmentPrerequisite Override Online RequestCollege of Arts and Sciences Advising Careers in Biology

  • Clarifying questions about your major program, class scheduling and specific courses in the Department of Biological Sciences
  • Biology transfer course evaluations
  • Pre-requisite Overrides - Biology courses only
  • Graduation audits for your major requirements
  • Resources for career planning, volunteer experience
  • Departmental Petitions of Exception
  • Approval of Occupational Experience in BIO
  • Referrals to other resources

Jonathan Yates, Chief Faculty Advisor
[email protected]

Keith Berven, Faculty Adviser 
[email protected]

Subha Bhaskaran, Biomedical Sciences Adviser
[email protected]

Lan Jiang, STEP Faculty Adviser 
[email protected]

Mary Craig, BS Specialization in Anatomy Faculty Adviser
[email protected]

Mi Hye Song, BS Specialization in Cell/Molecular Biology Faculty Adviser
[email protected]

Sara Blumer-Schuette, BS Specialization in Microbiology Faculty Adviser
[email protected]

Biochemistry Advising

Bioengineering Advising

If you have questions, please call (248) 370-3550.

Have your quick advising questions answered via email.

Non-urgent or general degree questions: contact College of Arts and Sciences advising.

Biology majors: Special requests should be emailed to Dr. Jonathan Yates at [email protected].

BMS majors: Special requests should be emailed to Subha Bhaskaran at [email protected].

Biology minors: Special requests should be emailed to  Dr. Jonathan Yates at [email protected].

Transfer students: Need equivalency information? Send your school and course information via email to Dr. Jonathan Yates at [email protected].

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our advisers, please read the following information and schedule using the link below. Appointments are 30 minute blocks, and can be made with individual advisers.

  1. Schedule only ONE 30-minute appointment at a time.
  2. Note the type and location of your appointment.
  3. Cancel your appointment by emailing the adviser (see description of event).
  4. Bring transcript copies to your appointment if you are a post baccalaureate or a new transfer student.

If you have questions about specific College of Arts and Sciences or University requirements, please connect with the College of Arts and Sciences Advising.

If you are interested in scheduling an individual pre-health advising appointment, please contact Pre-Professional Advising.

Schedule an appointment.

NOTE: You must have an active Oakland University email address to use the “Schedule an appointment” link.

Department of Biological Sciences

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