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Taras K Oleksyk

Headshot - Taras K Oleksyk

Taras K Oleksyk
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
367 DH
(248) 370-3359
Lab location: 368 DH
Lab phone: (248) 370-3359
Taras K Oleksyk

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BIO 3340  Evolutionary Biology
BIO 4342/5382  Topics in Evolutionary Biology

My research interests are in genomics, evolutionary genetics, and comparative genomics.  Specifically, I have been interested in the mechanisms of genome evolution and its implication for adaptation and human disease.  Over the years, I have been involved in several studies looking at the genome diversity of admixture populations and participated in the analysis that identified candidate genes from GWAS and admixture scans. After collaborating with the 1000Genomes Project in Puerto Rico, we organized and published population genomic studies in other parts of the world that have not been addressed in global genome surveys, specifically in populations of Eastern Europe.  This work already demonstrated the potential for novel genetic discoveries in regions that remain understudied, and I am committed to further developing studies for human population genomics that contribute to understanding recent human evolution and personalized medicine. Currently, my lab is advancing research in Ukraine to discover new genetic factors that affect the development and pathology of type 1 diabetes (T1D), which could help predict disease, identify therapies to delay progression, and/or improve metabolic control in those living with T1D.  My other interest is in the evolution and conservation of endangered species. I am involved in studies focusing on genome assembly, variant analysis, and selection scans in wild and domesticated animals. 

Ongoing projects :

European Commission 2SOFT/1.2/48: Partnership for Genomic Research in Ukraine and Romania
Helmsley Foundation: A comprehensive study of T1DM exomes in Ukraine

Selected Publications:

Taras Oleksyk list of publications

*Khrystyna Shchubelka, Liudmyla Turova, *Walter Wolfsberger, *Kelly Kalanquin, *Krista Williston, Oleksii Kurutsa, Anastasiia Makovetska, Yaroslava Hasynets, Violeta Mirutenko, Mykhailo Vakerych & Taras K Oleksyk  Genetic determinants of global developmental delay and intellectual disability in Ukrainian children. J Neurodevelop Disord 16, 13 (2024). DOI: 10.1186/s11689-024-09528-x.

*Wolfsberger, W.W., K.  Chhugani, K. *Shchubelka, A. Frolova, Y. Salyha, O. Zlenko, O. V. Ivashchenko, M. Arych, D. Dziuba, A. Parkhomenko, V. Smolanka, S. Reinsone, Z. H. Gümüş, E. Sezgin, A. Diaz-Lameiro, M. Maci, E. Bortz, F. Kondrashov, P. Morton, P.P. Łabaj, V. Romero, J. Hlávka, S. Mangul, and T.K. Oleksyk. (2023). Scientists without Borders:  Lessons from Ukraine. GigaScience 12: giad045  DOI: 10.1093/gigascience/giad045

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Oleksyk, T.K., *Wolfsberger, W.W., *Shchubelka, K., Mangul, S and S.J. O’Brien. (2022). The Pioneer Advantage: Filling the Blank Spots On the Map of Genome Diversity in Europe. GigaScience 11: giac081.  DOI: 10.1093/gigascience/giac081

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Shchubelka*, K.M., Oleksyk, O. T., Oleksyk T.K, and Y.S. Hasynets. (2019). Vitamin D in the genetic aspect the role in type 1 diabetes mellitus. ENDOKRYNOLOGIA 24(4), 367-372. DOI: 10.31793/1680-1466.2019.24-4.367.

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Diaz-Zabala, H.J., A.P. Ortiz, L. Garland, K. Jones, C.M. Perez, E. Mora, N. Arroyo, T.K. Oleksyk, M. Echenique, J.L. Matta, M. Dean and J. Dutil. (2018). A recurrent BRCA2 mutation explains the majority of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome cases in Puerto Rico. Cancers (Basel), E419. DOI: 10.3390/cancers10110419.

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*OU student

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