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Your qualified advisers are excited to meet with you to discuss your educational journey! To make an appointment please call (248) 370-3229 or contact BIS via email at [email protected]

Traditionally, there are five types of appointments Interdisciplinary Studies students will have throughout their academic career. You should schedule a meeting with an adviser at least once per year to ensure that your coursework is relevant to your career-goals. Plan on having your application complete when you approach 80 completed credits.

Some helpful reminders:

  1. Understand how university requirements apply to your academic records. Carefully read the catalog parts that apply to you, especially those that apply to General Education. Make sure classes you need to fulfill a requirement meet the catalog stipulations.
  2. Don't sign up for a class for which you have already received credit. This happens often to transfer students. Classes at another school often have different titles and usually have different numbers. Check your plan of study and Transfer Equivalency Tool.

Students will be able to meet with an adviser in person at main campus or at the Macomb Community College University Center. Please arrive on time and be prepared for your appointment. 

OU Campus Map

Macomb Community College Center Campus


If you have scheduled a phone appointment your advisor will contact you at your scheduled appointment time. Please verify that BIS has an updated phone number to contact you. Please remain professional and secure a safe and quiet space for your appointment. If you are unable to devote the time to your appointment your adviser may request to reschedule.


A virtual appointment may be scheduled in the same way as an in-person appointment. The advisor will schedule a gmail hangouts meeting or Zoom meeting and inform the student of the link.Please log-in on time and be prepared for your virtual appointment in a safe and quiet space. If you are unable to devote the time to your appointment your adviser may request to reschedule.


A walk-in appointment is a 15-minute appointment designed to answer quick questions regarding scheduling, registration, holds, etc... These appointments are scheduled by calling the BIS office and are first-come first-serve basis.

  • The scheduling process may change when COVID-19 precautions are altered.

In your initial appointment you and your adviser will:

Discuss what it looks like to be a BIS major: How your previous coursework will be applied to your degree, and what your next steps will be to become a successful student in the BIS program.

In order to make the most of your time during your appointment, you should watch the Intro to Integrative Studies Video to learn about the process. Please bring any Transfer Equivalency Worksheets (TEWs) or degree evaluations that you may have.

After submitting your Plan of Study/Rationale to your academic adviser, they will share feedback on how to clarify responses prior to submission to the faculty council. This should be done with adequate time before the deadline so you have time to meet with your faculty mentor and make any necessary revisions to your Plan of Study/Rationale.

In a class schedule appointment, your academic adviser will help you find when your planned courses are offered so that you are prepared to register for them.


In a registration appointment, your adviser will help you navigate through the registration system. Additionally, they will remind you of when you can register for the upcoming semesters.

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In a graduation audit appointment, your adviser will go through your information to make sure that you have met all major standing and university requirements to ensure that you are ready to graduate. The adviser will also verify that you have applied to graduate or give you information on how to do so.

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