Bachelor of Integrative Studies
North Foundation Hall, Room 160
318 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
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Fax: (248) 370-3261

Office Hours:
8 a.m.-5 p.m.
(except on recognized holidays)


Getting Started
Please see the online tutorial and review the handbook from the resources.
Scheduling Appointments
  1. If you are a current Oakland University student, you will need to complete the advising tutorial before scheduling an advising appointment.
  2. Students should make advising appointments well before registration or semester start dates. Appointment demand during these cycles makes appointment scheduling more challenging.
  3. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the BIS office at (248) 370-3229 or online from the "Meet your Advisers" tab.

Advising Session
  1. Bring your advising records to all advising appointments (past advising charts and Transfer Equivalency Worksheet [TEW's] plus a degree evaluation).
  2. Review your current plan of study via the e-Plan system (current students only) "e-Plan log in"
  3. Check your adviser's work (they are human and make mistakes), raise questions and point out anything that seems confusing or incorrect. 
  4. Come early to be on time! If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment so we can better serve you.

Class Schedule Selection
  1. Understand how university requirements apply to your academic records. Carefully read the catalog parts that apply to you, especially those that apply to General Education. Make sure classes you need to fulfill a requirement meet the catalog stipulations.
  2. Don't sign up for a class for which you have already received credit. This happens often to transfer students. Classes at another school often have different titles and usually have different numbers. Check your plan of study and TCE.
  3. Select classes where possible with professors that you find engaging. A course title never teaches a class, a teacher teaches a class. The right teacher makes the most unattractively titled class compelling. Talk to peers whose opinions you respect. Trust your own judgment as well - especially if you are a junior or senior. It is unprofessional for advisers to make teacher recommendations. 

Course Substitutions
  1. Does the class you are substituting carry at least the same number of credits as the one you are replacing?
  2. Are you using a 100/200 level class to replace a 300/400 level class?
  3. Have you chosen to replace a course that satisfies your general education, ethnic diversity or writing proficiency requirement? 
  4. Have you requested a course substitution or petition of exception through the BIS eplan? "e-Plan log in" "forms" section

  1. Request a senior check via email by contacting us at once you accumulate 91 credits. You may also request this check by contacting the BIS office by phone at 248-370-3229. This identifies the remaining requirements you need to graduate.
  2. Fill out the Online Application for Degree online by visiting the Applying for Graduation page.
Walk-In Advising
Since individual Walk-In time is limited to 15 minutes per student, 6 to 8 students can be seen per each 2-hour Walk-In Advising Session. Signing in will be allowed at the discretion of BIS staff and not beyond 15 minutes prior to the end of the session.

When should I consider walk-in advising?
  • To update their plan of study. (already admitted students)
  • To seek assistance with their plan of study before submitting it to the Admissions Committee - if they've already been seen at an appointment in the BIS office and have an active e-file.
  • To seek assistance with registration and course substitutions. (already admitted students)
  • To receive general information about the program. (prospective students) NOTE: Students who have not yet been seen in the BIS advising office for an appointment will need to schedule an appointment for specific details regarding their BIS options. Specific information cannot be conveyed at a first-time walk in advising appointment.

When should I schedule an appointment?
  • To develop a plan of study.
  • When transfer credits have not yet been evaluated by Oakland University.

What should I bring to walk-in advising or appointment?
  • Any and all records of college-level course work (even including OU’s SAIL transcript and transfer credit evaluations, in case we are unable to obtain them for some reason).

What are my other options?
Short questions or requests for senior audits can be emailed to us at If we can manage things by email, we're happy to do so but if the issue is more involved than email will allow, we may ask you to come in for an appointment. Prospective students may request a phone appointment by scheduling a time through our office at (248) 370-3229.
Major Standing
E-Plan and Rationale
To submit a completed application, a student interested in BIS must complete an e-Plan and BIS Rationale after meeting with an adviser. The rationale should be sent directly to the adviser once completed.
  • E-plan
    • Please review the handbook to complete the e-plan based on your plan of study. 
  • BIS rationale (pdf/word doc)

Minors and concentrations are not required for BIS students, however if interested, a student must complete the minor form linked below. For more information, please view the requirements.
Meet With Your
Academic Advisers
The BIS advisers are available to help you through your BIS journey. When making an appointment, please specify advising type. Career advising is limited to 60 minutes and general advising is limited to 30 minutes. Walk-in appointments (when available) are limited to 15 minutes per student. For each advising session, bring any and all records of college-level course work (including OU’s SAIL transcript and transfer credit evaluations, in case we are unable to obtain them).

Jennifer Root
Assistant Director for Advising
160 North Foundation Hall
(248) 370-3229
Schedule an appointment
For Jennifer, all appointments @ Main Campus

Lindsay Zeig
Academic Counselor & Instructor
Macomb University Center, UC2
(248) 370-3229
*For Lindsay, Monday and Tuesday appointments @ Macomb
Friday appointments @ Main Campus

Ann Hamilton
Academic Adviser
160 North Foundation Hall
(248) 370-3229
For Ann, all appointments @ Main Campus