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The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to custom design their educational path based upon their academic and career goals with a team of knowledgeable and encouraging advisers, mentors, and faculty.  Don’t just take our word for it, read what theses BIS students have to say!

Randa Asfar Headshot

Randa Asfar

"The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program at Oakland University is a wonderful opportunity for students to join a program designed to meet their specific post-graduate goals with an incredibly supporting and encouraging staff. I joined the BIS team with a goal in mind aimed at attending law school to become an attorney. I wanted the opportunity to take courses that would improve the skills I needed to attend and succeed in law school, such as reading, writing, and critical thinking. I joined the program to create my own pathway to success, but not only did I achieve that goal, I also gained an encouraging team of professors, counselors, and mentors who went above and beyond to make sure I was excelling at every milestone. They helped me realize my potential every step of the way, and motivated me to continue on my journey of success despite any setbacks. Because of the BIS program, I was able to begin law school with the sharpened skills and confidence I needed to excel.

After graduating from the BIS program after Oakland University in 2017, I attended the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 2017. I graduated with my Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in May 2020, and recently sat for, and passed, the July 2020 Michigan Bar Exam. I was sworn into the State Bar of Michigan in December 2020 and admitted to practice as an Attorney."

Justin Evola Headshot

Justin Evola

"Oakland University's program for the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is truly terrific. It provides a wonderful opportunity for students to take charge of their academic career and follow their passion. This degree path brings with it a terrific team of advisors and professors that are both passionate and encouraging. I joined BIS halfway through my college career because I wanted to shift from engineering to management without having to restart my academic pursuits. This opportunity allowed me to take courses that pertained to my interests which is better than following a set curriculum of courses that do not pertain to future plans. The classes I chose also helped me further myself in my career. I was able to incorporate leadership in my degree path and my advisor even helped me choose courses that allowed me to obtain two minors without taking any unnecessary or additional courses. Choosing BIS is a decision I fully endorse because it truly does give students a chance to pursue their career goals."

Thomas Zalewski

"The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Program allows the student to choose their own path. With other majors a studen's interest level can vary due to the required classes, while with the BIS program, students have interest in every class they sign up for.  The process of finding classes that are directly related to my currently daily job gave knowledge and experience together while completing my degree is why I chose BIS for my major. A BIS degree made taking classes meaningful, as they directly related to my job which allowed for growth as a manager while completing my degree."

Jessica Krone Headshot

Jessica Krone

"I chose BIS because I just wanted a broader humanistic pathway on my journey to become a physician. I always liked the combination of science and helping people, and I wanted to do something that had both of those realms in it. It really wasnt until I found the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies that I saw how deep a medical field can be, beyond research and prescribing medications. Beyond research and medicine, physicians are with people through the worst and best moments of their lives, and I want to be someone that can empathize to help healing. BIS allowed me to get a broader perspective before going into medicine."

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

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