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OU Research and Publications

CETL celebrates and recognizes the publications and public works by OU faculty related to teaching and learning in higher education. Send us reference information for journal articles, books and chapters, popular articles, videos, podcasts, and other works to be included in the list below, or send this link to a colleague who has published in this area.

2020-Present Publications

View these and more OU-faculty publications before 2020.

Felicita Arzu-Carmichael, Writing & Rhetoric

Arzu-Carmichael, F. (2021). " Sometimes I forget I’m in an online class!”: Why place Matters for Meaningful Student Online Writing Experiences." Composition Studies, 49(3), 38-55.

Alice Horning, Writing & Rhetoric

Carillo, E. C. & Horning, A. S. (2021).   Teaching Critical Reading and Writing in the Era of Fake News. New York:  Peter Lang Publishing. Carillo, E. C. & Horning, A. S., guest editors (2021). Reading and Writing in the Era of Fake NewsPedagogy, 21 (2).

Sarah Lerchenfeldt, Stefanie Attardi, Rebecca Pratt, Kara Sawarynski, and Tracey Taylor, OUWB School of Medicine

Lerchenfeldt, S., S.M. Attardi, R.L. Pratt, K.E. Sawarynski, and T.A.H. Taylor. (2020).
Twelve tips for interfacing with the new generation of medical students: iGen. Medical Teacher.

Zexin Ma, Communication, Journalism & Public Relations

Ma, Z., Huang, K, & Yao, L. (2021). Feasibility of a computer role-playing game to promote empathy in nursing students: The role of immersiveness and perspective. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. Advance online publication. 

Krista Malley, Student Success

Braun, H., Bailey-Grajewski, J., Malley, K. (2020 March). "Second and Transfer Year Experience: Remembering the forgotten middle child." E-Source for College Transitions, 17(2).

Christina Moore, CETL

Moore, C. (2020 May). Creating New Faculty Orientation Online with Limited Time, Staff, and ResourcesJournal of Faculty Development, 34(2). 67-72

Moore, C. (2020 June 22). Now Is the Time to Embrace Mobile Learning. EDUCAUSE Review.

Austin Murphy, School of Business Administration

Murphy, A. (2020). “Determining the Optimal Capital Structure and Measuring the Cost of Capital.” Advances in Financial Education (2020), 16-32.

Lori Ostergaard and Marshall Kitchens, Writing & Rhetoric

Ostergaard, L. & Kitchens, M. (2021). Designing peer review: Research and intentional practices for effective online creative writing workshops. In Girardi, T. & Scheg, A. (Eds.). Theories and strategies for teaching creative writing online. NY: Routledge (pp. 101-118).

Rachel Smydra (English), Matthew May (Sociology), Varna Taranikanti (School of Medicine), Misa Mi (School of Medicine)

Smydra, R., May, M., Taranikanti, V., & Mi, M. (2021). Integration of arts and humanities in medical education: A narrative reviewJournal of Cancer Education.

Varna Taranikanti, OUWB School of Medicine

Smydra, R., May, M., Taranikanti, V., & Mi, M. (2021).  Integration of arts and humanities in medical education: A narrative reviewJournal of Cancer Education.
Taranikanti, V. (2020).  Is COVID era the beginning of a paradigm shift in anatomy education?  Med & Health, 15(2): 1-2