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Midsemester Reflection

Mon Oct 24, 2022 at 07:30 AM

“To reflect is to look back to bring clarity in moving forward”~ Teach4Endurance

Do you feel like your class is on cruise control, or like hitting the "pause" button on your semester? Either way, taking a little time to reflect can help you move FORWARD with positivity, and make future semesters smoother. Look to these FORWARD steps for inspiration.

Check yourself and your students

  • Feelings. How am I feeling? Am I motivated to teach?
  • Outcomes. What are my goals for this class? Am I meeting my goals? What evidence do I have that students are learning?
  • Relationships. Are you connecting with your students? Am I making content relevant?
  • Workload. Did I accurately gauge my workload? The students? How is the class pace?
  • Actions. How are students behaving in class? Are they overwhelmed, motivated, interested? 
  • Reach out. Do my students need additional support? Do they feel like they belong? Have I developed my own community for support?
  • Direction. Am I using strategies to help students learn? Am I creating barriers?

Things to remember

Check these out

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About the Author

Sarah Hosch is the Faculty Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and a Special Instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Oakland University. She teaches all levels of biology coursework and her interests include evidence-based teaching practices to improve student learning gains and reduce equity gaps in gateway course success. Sarah loves exploring nature, cooking, and exercising.

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