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Teaching in 10 Words: Celebrating Our Teaching Identities

Mon May 8, 2023 at 07:30 AM

Expressing our teaching in 10 words can be a short but powerful way to reflect on our teaching identities, values, and practices. Over the years we have prompted OU faculty to share their teaching in 10 words, and we invite you to do the same not only for yourself, but for your students.

Put It in 10 Words

Start by asking yourself what your strengths are as a teacher, and what you feel are the purpose and values at the core of your teaching. If you are new to teaching you might think about great teachers you have had, describe what made them great, and then reflect on how you see yourself as similar to and different from them. 

Brainstorm a list of phrases, activities, and anything else. With this list, describe your teaching approach/philosophy in 10 words (usually as one sentence or 1-3 key points). See Teaching in 10 Words, from OU Faculty, and please share your 10 words with us!

Your 10 words might clarify what you want to prioritize or change in your courses.

Share It with Students

These 10 words are great for putting in your syllabus. Sharing your short teaching statement not only helps students get to know you, but explains why you do what you do. Your students can see that your approach to class sessions, activities, and learning materials are intentional. In our previous What Makes a Great Teacher workshop, we share examples of how we have used syllabus statements, videos, and Moodle profiles to communicate our teaching philosophy.

Save and adapt a Google Doc version of this teaching tip.

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