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Advising Information

Students interested in obtaining information on the Master of Arts in Counseling program should attend the prospective students meetings. See the advising schedule for dates and times.

Those students who are admitted and wish to receive program advising may contact a Department of Counseling faculty member during advising hours listed on the current schedule.

We are committed to providing an advising community that will meet your needs as they change from the beginning to the end of the program. We offer selective, graduate-level programs and seek to provide a professional environment for adult learners. To achieve this goal, we have defined the roles and responsibilities of students and faculty as partners in strong academic advising.

The role of the adviser: As full-time faculty, we are committed to teaching, service and research. One of our roles as teachers is to provide information and support for students as they make academic and career decisions. Therefore, each faculty member has open advising hours in which they are accessible by phone, email and walk-in appointments.

The role of the student: As a student in the program, we encourage you to follow up with an adviser to access information. We also expect each student to read our handbook, join the CNS-Students Listserv and review the Counseling Department add link website. The following list includes advising activities we have available for students:

  • The program handbook provides information about curriculum, professional organizations and licensing. Please take time to read the handbook, and if you have questions, follow up with an adviser. Handbooks can be found on the program pages.
  • Weekly advising hours are available during each semester throughout the academic calendar. You may meet or connect by email or phone during open advising hours with any faculty member, even if they are not your assigned adviser. You can use this time to make course selections and discuss issues such as your professional development, research interests, licensure and professional involvement. 
  • We have the CNS information group during the fall and winter semesters, which provide a student-to-student perspective in a group format. Information about dates and times is posted on the Listserv at the beginning of each semester.
  • We have also developed several eSpace sites to access information for practicum and internship.
  • You are required to meet with your faculty adviser during your first semester in the program to complete a program plan. The plan will serve as a guide for scheduling classes in subsequent semesters.
  • Finally, you are encouraged to attend Chi Sigma Iota and department events focused on professional development. For information on Chi Sigma Iota, visit the Counseling Organizations website. 

Subscribing to Oakland University’s Email and Counseling Listserv

All students are required to activate their Oakland University email accounts and to join the Department of Counseling’s Listserv.

To  activate your Oakland University email account, follow the instructions for new students on the “Get Connected” webpage. After you have received your email account, you can subscribe to the Listserv by emailing [email protected].

Department of Counseling

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