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Radiation Safety

This course is provided for individuals who are authorized to work with radioactive materials and is mandatory prior to working with the material. The Radiation Safety training provides information about policies and procedures at Oakland University that ensures compliance with State and Federal licensure. Radiation safety training includes topics such as a brief introduction to radiation physics, biological effects and the risks of radiation exposure, basic principles of radiation protection. exposure limits, personnel monitoring for radiation exposure, rights and responsibilities of radiation workers, good work practices, isotope storage and security, contamination control techniques, radiation measurements and calculations, the proper and safe handling of radioactive waste, and emergency response and accident recovery

Annual refresher training is required to stay informed of changes and review safe practices.

Oakland University’s state and federal licensure for the use of radioactive material requires this training. All Permit holders and individuals at Oakland University working with, or in the vicinity of, radioactive materials or radiation-generating machines must receive instructions and training commensurate with their duties before beginning any radiation work.