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The faculty in the Department of Linguistics have interests that cover all core areas of linguistics as well as language instruction.

Please contact our staff for more information about the Department of Linguistics or to be put in touch with one of our faculty members.

Faculty and Staff

Headshot - Kelly Bambrick

Kelly Bambrick
Special Lecturer
[email protected]

Headshot -Rebecca Gaydos

Rebecca Gaydos
Special Instructor
Applied linguistics, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
116 Fitzgerald House
(248) 370-2176
[email protected]

Headshot -Linda Hubarth

Linda Hubarth
Linguistics Office Assistant II
450K Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2175
[email protected]

Headshot -Gleice Jones

Gleice Jones
[email protected]

Headshot -Alexandria Murphy

Alexandria Murphy
[email protected]

Headshot -Kuniko Nielsen

Kuniko Nielsen
Associate Professor, Department Chair
Phonetics, Psycholinguistics, Speech Perception and Production
118 Fitzgerald House
(248) 364-8807
[email protected]

Headshot -Jason Overfelt

Jason Overfelt
Assistant Professor
Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Experimental Linguistics
117 Fitzgerald House
(248) 364-8848
[email protected]

Headshot -Claudia Pilarski

Claudia Pilarski
Linguistics Graduate Assistant
121 Fitzgerald House
[email protected]

Headshot -Helena Riha

Helena Riha
Special Lecturer
[email protected]

Headshot -Samuel Rosenthall

Samuel Rosenthall
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, Graduate Advisor
115 Fitzgerald House
(248) 364-8805
[email protected]

Photo Not Available

Michael B. Smith
Cognitive Linguistics, Syntax and Semantics, German and Russian Linguistics
114 Fitzgerald House
(248) 364-8811
[email protected]

Headshot -Angela Super

Angela Super
Special Lecturer
[email protected]

Headshot -Rhonda Yates

Rhonda Yates
Special Lecturer
[email protected]

Affiliated Faculty

A headshot of Hisiang-Hua Melanie Chang

Hsiang-Hua (Melanie) Chang
Associate Professor of Chinese
Chinese Linguistics, First and Second Language Acquisition, Language Pedagogy and Assessment
362 O'Dowd Hall
(248) 370-4248
[email protected]

A headshot of Akiko Kashiwagi-Wood

Akiko Kashiwagi-Wood
Associate Professor of Japanese
Second Language Acquisition, Japanese/Foreign Language Pedagogy, Sentence Processing
360 O'Dowd Hall
(248) 370-4565
[email protected]

A headshot of Raquel Prieta

Raquel Prieta
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Sentence Processing, Language Instruction Methodology
373 O'Dowd Hall
(248) 370-2153
[email protected]

Photo Not Available

Peter J. Binkert
Professor Emeritus
(Linguistics, Classics)

Photo Not Available

Daniel H. Fullmer
Professor Emeritus
(Linguistics, English)

Headshot -William Schwab

William Schwab
Professor Emeritus
(Linguistics, English)

Linguistics Department

Fitzgerald House F113
614 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-2175
Fax: (248) 370-3144