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OSI Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

OSI Service Window Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Activities Funding Board

The Student Activities Funding Board assists the more than 250 registered student organizations at Oakland University in implementing and developing programs, events, and other activities to benefit the Oakland University student body by fairly and equitably allocating its financial resources.

It is our goal to help registered student organizations achieve their goals. This can include anything from funding, fundraising, and implementing and organizing events for the student body. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult and confusing when applying for funding. Please do not hesitate to contacts us at or meet with us in person during our office hours if you have any questions, comments, or concerns on the SAFB allocation process or how we can improve to better serve student organizations. We hope this year will bring many new and exciting events and programs!

All funding requests submitted to SAFB should be submitted online no later than 3 weeks prior to the day of your scheduled event. The Board reviews every submission and student organizations are then notified regarding the Board's decisions.

Visit SAFB on GrizzOrgs. For information on joining SAFB, email to

Executive Board
A head shot of Adeline Perhogan.

Adeline Perhogan
Student Activities Funding Board Chair

A headshot of Alex Garcia, outdoors.

Alex Garcia
Student Activities Funding Board Associate Chair

A headshot of Hannah Dubay.Hannah Dubay
Student Activities Funding Board
Accounting Director
A headshot of Danielle Parker.Danielle Parker
Marketing Chair
A headshot of Kaleigh Belz, outdoors.

Kaleigh Belz
Student Activities Funding Board Meetings and Audits Director

Jadah Fletcher
Student Activities Funding Board Visual Communications Director

headshot of Stephanie Jurva

Stephanie Jurva
Student Activities Funding Board Advisor

Mariah Mortellaro
Student Activities Funding Board Advisor

Approval Process
Requirements Following Allocation Approval
Failure to comply with the following will result in your funding process being delayed:
  • If you've ordered food from Chartwells, you must notify Chartwells to change your quote into an order.
  • If you've ordered food from somewhere other than from Chartwells, then you must work with the OSI to receive your funding.
  • If you have any purchasing or payment needs for anything (other than for food ordered from Chartwells), you must work with the OSI to spend your funds.
  • You must have ALL SAFB paperwork, quotes, and documentation, as well as a summary of what is to be purchased.
  • You will need all original receipts, quotes, etc. to give to the OSI to receive funding
  • You can call the OSI at (248) 370-2400 to set up an appointment with Mariah Mortellaro to discuss your funding.
  • If you've been approved for equipment, then these items can be ordered by working the OSI (NOT SAFB).
  • These items must be stored and remain on OU's campus at all times, unless going to a competition, etc.
  • These items must be shared with other student organizations if they've requested them, unless currently being used.
Requirements Following Discretionary Funds Approval
  • Discretionary funds remain in your account until the remainder of the semester they were approved in.
  • You must work with the OSI for all of your payment and purchasing needs when using your discretionary funds (NOT SAFB).
  • Catering orders:
    • If you place an order with Chartwells and plan on paying for it by using your discretionary funds, then you must let Chartwells know that you're using your discretionary funds - otherwise your quote will never become an order.
    • Visit Chartwells online at
  • Discretionary funds cannot be used for:
    • gifts or presents
    • delivery or rush fees for food being ordered
    • graduate paraphernalia
    • food, lodging, or travel expenses for conferences
    • gift cards of any kind
    • apparel that costs more than $10 per item (including T-shirts)
    • any personal items (like textbooks, etc.)
  • You can only pay for the following by means of your discretionary funds (or flex account):
    • banners or flyers
    • office supplies
    • brochures or copies
    • apparel (unless considered to be equipment costs)
  • When using your discretionary funds, you must always follow all SAFB, OSI, OU, city, state, and federal rules and regulations.
  • Please work with Mariah Mortellaro if you have any purchasing or payment needs for an event for anything other than food ordered from Chartwells.
  • Semester Deadlines
    • Summer semester: August 1 is the last day to use discretionary funds.
    • Fall semester: December 1 is the last day to use discretionary funds.
    • Winter semester: April 1 is the last day to use discretionary funds.
Following SAFB Denials
Even with SAFB denial, you could still choose to pay off the cost of your event and/or miscellaneous costs using your flex account funds (if you have any available), membership dues, through fundraising, or through a combination of these methods. You could also choose to use your discretionary funds; that is, if you’ve already applied and have been approved for them during the current semester.

If you would like to make changes to the allocation form, you must submit a new correctly completed allocation packet – while taking into account the Monday at least two weeks before your event SAFB deadline. Remember to submit ALL necessary paperwork with your new allocation packet, including any/all forms/documents that you’ve previously submitted to SAFB (that are relevant to the funding request).

Please note that SAFB never matches previously denied forms to newly submitted allocation packets.
Items to Know
Funding Maximums
Fall/Winter Semester: $3,000 maximum
  • Discretionary: $400
  • Equipment: $1,500
  • Conferences: $1,000
  • Food: $1,200
  • Decorations: $200
Summer Semester: $1,000 maximum
  • Discretionary: $200
  • Equipment: $666
  • Conferences: $350
  • Food: $500
  • Decorations: $100
Submission Deadlines
1 Month: Minimum submission time for all budget requests exceeding $1,000

3 Weeks: Minimum submission time required for all events, conferences and equipment requests

2 Weeks: Minimum submission time required for all meeting requests

December 1, April 1, August 1: Deadlines for budget period submissions and the use of discretionary funds
Required Documentation
Funded student organizations are required to have:
  • All quotes for Oakland Post ads, food requests, rental requests, speaker fees and equipment purchases.
  • All copies of contracts if hiring a performer.
  • A calendar request submitted for your event stating “Free and open to all OU students,” date, time, location and description.
  • Itinerary and budget breakdown for all conferences.
Local business fundraising for student organizations is as follows:

Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Fundraising Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday (all day)
  • Process: Fill out the fundraising application on their website, print it out, take it to the restaurant’s location. Must arrange three weeks in advance. Distribute fliers.
  • Details: Fundraising proceeds will only go to the student organization if the flyer/certificate is shown to the waiter. Only one flyer is allowed per person.
  • Fundraising Results: 20% of an individual's purchase will go back to the organization.

Cold Stone Creamery

  • Fundraising Days: Monday –Thursday (5 p.m. – 8 p.m.)
  • Process: Contact Cold Stone Creamery’s owner, Todd, at (248) 375-6000, or visit the location to select a day/time for your event. Allow at least three weeks notice.
  • Details: Cold Stone will provide the fliers, but it is the student organization’s responsibility to distribute them. Must have flyer to ensure proceeds go to the student organization.
  • Fundraising Results: If your organization creates less than $200 in sales, the organization will receive 25% of the total. If purchases are more than $200, the organization receives 30% of the total.


  • Fundraising Days: Monday – Thursday (5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
  • Process: Fill out fundraising form on their website for approval or call the company.
  • Details: Maximum four-hour time frame. Four to five people from the organization are recommended to conduct the fundraiser.
  • Fundraising Results: 10% of the profit.

Firehouse Subs

  • Fundraising Days: Monday and Tuesday (4 p.m. – 6 p.m.)
  • Process: Contact Jeff Urbas at 248-656-9200
  • Details: Firehouse will create a PDF flyer for the organization to share and print.
  • Fundraising Results: The organization receives 10 to 15 percent of the net profits.

Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

  • Fundraising Days: Sunday (all day), Monday – Thursday (7:30 or 8 p.m. show)
  • Process: Room rental is $2,500. This includes the room, the comedian, and the staff.
  • Details: If the organization designs a flier, the company will put it on their website to be advertised. No flier is needed to enter the door and fundraise for the event. Whoever buys a ticket for your time slot puts money towards the organization.
  • Fundraising Results: The organization decides on the cost of tickets. To receive funds from the event after paying the $2,500 (non-SAFB funded), ticket sales have to be successful.

Noodle & Co.

  • Fundraising Days: Negotiable
  • Process: Fill out the fundraising form on their website, print it off, deliver it to the restaurant location, and wait for approval. Allow at least three weeks advance notice.
  • Details: Fliers are provided by Noodles & Co.
  • Fundraising Results: 25% of the total purchases go to organization. Customers must present a flier.

Red Ox Tavern

  • Fundraising Days: Negotiable
  • Process: Contact Chris, the Red Ox owner, or (248) 340-7070.
  • Details: Negotiable
  • Fundraising Results: Negotiable

Rochester Mills Beer Co.

  • Fundraising Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Process: Visit the location or call to select a date. The company will email the flier to the organization two to three weeks prior to the event. This flier can be printed and/or emailed.
  • Details: An organization can only have one fundraising event every three months. Your organization cannot reserve tables for your event.
  • Fundraising Results: The organization will receive 20% of sales for every flier ticket that is attached to guest checks on the event day.
OSI Banner Request Form
The OSI Banner Request Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted at least one month prior to the event. Submitting requests as early as possible is preferred.
  • OSI is not responsible for reprinting banner(s) submitted with incorrect information, misspellings, grammatical errors, and/or graphics provided by requestor.
  • Banners will be hung in the OC for one week prior to the event. If space is available, requests can be made for an extended period of time.
  • Banners are printed on white paper that measures 36 inches high by 84 inches wide. Other size banners and posters may also be requested and prices will vary depending on size.
  • Limited graphics are available through our computer program. An attempt will be made to accommodate requests for specific graphics, but the OSI does not guarantee the quality of the graphics if it is not our computer program graphic. Generally, other graphics do not enlarge well.
  • An attempt can be made to print a PDF, Publisher or Word file if it is properly proportioned at 36 inches high by 84 inches wide, but the quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • Publisher or Word files are preferred over a PDF since it can be easily altered if necessary.
  • All requests for colors, graphics, etc. will be taken into consideration, but final copy design is at the discretion of the OSI office.
  • The cost of each banner is $15 minimum, with additional charges for additional ink usage. Ink consumption cannot be measured until the first banner is printed.
  • Requests received within one week of the date needed will incur a rush fee of $5 per banner.
  • Banner delivery service is available for an additional $5.
  • Rush fees and delivery charges are paid out of flex accounts only.
  • OSI does not guarantee completion of requests, but will attempt every possible accommodation.
  • For more information, please contact the Office for Student Involvement.
Speaker Contract Service Agreement
The OU Services Agreement must be used for all performers, speakers, DJs, etc.
  • Fill out the contract with all pertinent information. Do not sign the form yourself!
  • Send the agreement to the individual/company providing the service, with instructions to sign in the designated location.
  • Make two photocopies of the signed agreement.
  • Submit the original agreement to Jean Ann Miller of the Office for Student Involvement.
  • Attach one of the photocopies to your SAFB funding request.
  • Retain one of the photocopies for your records.
OSI Service Window Agreement
The OSI Service Window agreement form must be completed in its entirety and submitted at least one month prior to the event. Submitting requests as early as possible is preferred.

This form is for organizations and departments to sell tickets and to sign up for events through the OSI Service Window. This agreement explains the services provided by the Service Window and the responsibilities of the student organizations and departments.
  • The OSI Service Window provides service for the Oakland University community with a focus on students as the primary audience.
  • All organizations utilizing the OSI Service Window must have an Oakland University account number. All monies collected will be deposited directly into the account number provided. Deposits will not be made into an SAFB account.
  • The OSI Service Window accepts cash, checks and Spiritcash for the purchase of tickets and to sign up for events. Organizations may opt to accept credit/debit cards with the Master Card and Visa logo.
  • The OSI Service Window provides its service at no cost to OU registered organizations. However, for all credit and debit card transactions the organization will be charged the processing fee that OSI is charged. The fee will be two to four percent of total credit/debit card purchases. This may also cause a delay in the charged/debited funds being deposited into the organization account. Student organizations can opt out of this fee by indicating they do not want credit/debit card to be accepted for this event.
  • This agreement must be completed, and signed by the organization and the Service Window Manager at least one week prior to the start of ticket sales/sign-up.
  • The interior of the OSI Service Window is open only to Service Window and authorized OSI staff members. Student organization members are not allowed to enter the area to check the computer.
  • All ticket sales are final. The Service Window is not responsible for lost or missing tickets. There will be no refunds unless authorized by the sponsor, which must be indicated in writing on the information form.
  • Generally, students are limited to one discount ticket and allowed one guest, if guests are permitted. Requests for an exemption to this policy must be presented to the OSI in writing on the information form by the authorized sponsor.
  • For each event, the OSI Service Window will:
    • Set up a sign-up page on the computer and designated key(s) on the Cash Register to handle the ticket sale or sign-up for each event.
    • Sell tickets and/or to sign up for events according to the parameters given to the OSI Service Window by the sponsoring organization.
    • Provide periodic reports of the process of sales/sign ups upon request.
    • Direct deposit all money taken in from sales/sign ups into the designated account. Process debit/credit card transactions, including assessing processing fees as they are reported to the OSI. Process any authorized refunds.
    • Email to the designated officer a final sales report or sign-up sheet from the computer either at the time it sells prior to the event.
    • Return unsold tickets to the organization for door sales.
      • All door sale tickets must be accounted for within one business date of the event.
      • All door sale revenue must be deposited into an on campus account at the OSI Service Window and the unsold tickets returned to the OSI Service Window.
OSI Equipment Check Out
OSI Equipment Check Out Form - equipment is loaned on a first come, first serve basis:
  • The Office for Student Involvement has limited equipment available for use by student organizations.
  • Please note that equipment is loaned on a first come, first serve basis.
  • It is best to submit a request as early as possible but at least one week in advance is preferred.
  • It is the student organization’s responsibility to pick up and return the equipment to the OSI office.
  • In the case where the OSI office is closed for the starting or ending time of the event, other arrangements will need to be made in advance to secure storage of the equipment.
  • The OSI has the right to charge organizations for damaged or missing equipment, which includes viruses and deletion of software on the laptops.
  • This charge may be for current replacement or repair costs of the equipment, to be determined by the OSI.
  • Please note that equipment is limited to use in the Oakland Center only.
  • Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis; check with the OC Reservations office if it has existing equipment available in the room prior to reserving OSI equipment.
Outdoor/Bonfire/Non-OC Reservations
OSI GrizzOrgs Form - must be submitted 5 business days before event.

Room Reservations Outside the Oakland Center:
  • Rooms are available Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays since they are classrooms.
  • Once in a while under extreme circumstances a room may be approved during the weekday.
  • Rooms are not guaranteed for any request.

Bonfire Information:

  • Only one (1) bonfire will be approved per day.
  • Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Your organization is responsible for cleaning up after your event and for any damages incurred during your event.
  • You must provide your own firewood and fire extinguisher to insure that the fire has been completely extinguished after the event is over.
  • No wood can be used from the property of Oakland University.
  • For the safety of the participants, be sure they are familiar with the area surrounding the Bonfire Pit.
  • No vehicles can be driven on the lower fields at any time; parking is available in Lot P13.

Outside the Oakland Center:

  • Only one (1) group will be approved per day per location.
  • Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Your organization is responsible for cleaning up after your event and for any damages incurred during your event.
  • One table is available upon request.

Applying for Funding

What are you applying for?




Conference Fees


What is included?

Food, speaker, DJ, decorations, movie fee, miscellaneous

Food, speaker, misellaneous

Equipment, miscellaneous

Registration fee


Required Documents

Quotes for all purchases

Performance contract

Equipment inventory log for equipment purchases

Conference itinerary and conference budget breakdown


SAFB Review and Final Steps:

  • If Approved:
    • Fill out the payment/reimbursement form for items to be purchased or have your conference paid for
    • Request petty cash up to $100
    • Make purchases at Sam’s Club (someone in your organization must be registered via the Sam’s Club Card Registration Form)
    • Meet with the OSI accountant to solidify payments
  • If Denied:
    • Please re-apply
    • Direct questions to the SAFB chair at
    • Request an appeal

View the Official Regulations of the SAFB.