OU INC client Time2Talk, LLC achieves major milestone and enters the market

OU INC client Time2Talk, LLC achieves major milestone and enters market
Staff member using Time2Talk software at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles.

OU INC accelerator client, Time2Talk, LLC  is fully deploying their product in the  Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, a state-of-the art hospital located in Los Angeles. 

After completing a successful trial program that showcased the Time2Talk’s software to clinicians, administration and information technology teams, MLK moved to full, system-wide product deployment. This is T2T’s first West Coast installation.

“We are thrilled to work with a cutting edge facility like MLK in heart of a major metropolitan market like L.A. to provide our Talking Power Management Utility (TPMU) Software," said Dean Figlioli, T2T co-founder and CEO "The product suite fits our clients vision for leading edge technology to support a commitment to excellence in patient care and best in class service."


T2T’s software solution provides both clinical and IT efficiency, keeping the focus on patient care. It delivers significant cost savings, enhances sustainability and reduces risk. The comprehensive reporting console provides clients with valuable information capital to enable proactive decision-making.

“Our demand for mobile computing units, whether Wireless on Wheels or freestanding laptops or tablets continues to increase," said Joe Bucher, MLK’s IT implementation director. “During the initial phase, we were eager to gain critical knowledge on our assets and fleet. We immediately began to see the benefit with both the front-end user interface for clinicians and back-end providing valuable reporting data and substantiated cost savings for IT and administration.”

OU INC has been working with Time2Talk over the last 18 months, assisting them in finalizing details of their product and preparing the detailed marketing strategy for their product.

“The Time2Talk product is designed to help reduce costs and increase efficiency in the health care sector. It is a great combination of technology, energy management, and efficient systems management,” said Amy Butler, executive director of OU INC.  “We are excited to recognize this significant milestone in launching their initial product.”

“The initial phase provided several key take-aways for MLK,” said Figlioli.

“Expectations are certainly being met and key value adds provided," said Bucher. “For instance, the software allowed us to identify asset batteries that prematurely depleted and were still under warranty for zero cost replacement. In addition, T2T was able to make a few tweaks to integrate its alerts with our call center application. We are excited fully using the tool to further enable clinicians while containing costs and adding asset visibility.”


Time2Talk, LLC provides a patented “talking” utility software solution that is deployed to mobile computer carts, laptops, tablets, thin clients and desktops to facilitate greater uptime (availability), energy savings, visibility and provide objective cost savings data.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital is a private, non-profit, safety-net hospital, administered by the Martin Luther King, Jr. - Los Angeles Healthcare Corporation, a 501(c)(3) organization. The 131-bed community hospital has a 21-bed emergency department, 20 ICU beds, and 18 labor, delivery, and postpartum beds. The hospital’s mission is to provide compassionate, innovative and quality care, collaborating with providers and our community to create a healthier South Los Angeles. The hospital serves 1.35 million residents of South Los Angeles regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

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