BIS alumna combines science and service

Catering to many facets of compassion, Jessica Krone advanced her pre-medical studies with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. Now, she is a proud member of OUWB and training to be a physician.

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icon of a calendarJuly 28, 2022

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BIS alumna combines science and service

Poised to become a physician, Jessica Krone, BIS ‘20, wanted more than just the sciences to define her career, and she built a dynamic foundation with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

jessica krone in medical school coat
Jessica Krone used a BIS undergraduate pathway to earn a spot in medical school

Krone always had an interest in science, but she found her passion for helping people in community volunteer work. While volunteering at Centro Multicultural La Familia, she conducted research and created Spanish brochures promoting wellness, activism and education for the community. Next, she coordinated food distribution to families in need during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with the COVID Response Network, where she still works today. Whether she conducted research or communicating helpful information, hearing people’s stories and catering to their needs was her priority.

Pursuing healthcare felt like a way to “combine science and helping people.” When Krone began her biology studies though, science alone didn’t fulfill her passion for people.

“I chose BIS because I just wanted a broader humanistic pathway,” Krone says.

Creating her own direction, Krone tailored her interests by introducing a minor in Spanish and philosophy coursework, creating a unique plan of study to widen her scope of practice as a physician.

The BIS program gave Krone the opportunity to incorporate Spanish studies coursework into her plan of study which will help her give more personalized care to patients. While translators can be available in hospitals, talking directly to a physician can have benefits. “One-on-one conversations can ensure that the physician is getting the full picture. When the physician speaks the same language they can bond on a deeper level,” Krone says.

Her philosophy studies emphasized the ethics involved in medical practice. “Beyond research and medicine, physicians are with people through the worst and best moments of their lives, and I want to be someone that can empathize to help healing.

Designing your plan of study allows you to integrate the knowledge you need and the passions you wish to pursue. For Krone, “BIS allowed [her] to get a broader perspective before going into medicine.”

She is now planning to graduate from Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in 2025, and next she’ll implement her cross-disciplinary medical, ethical and Spanish studies to offer individualized care to an array of people.

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