Community service hours that the 122 students in the Class of 2021 compiled before coming to OUWB


Countries where our students studied or traveled to for service trips


Total number of states that our students come from

OUWB - A community serving its community

The White Coat Patch represents OUWB's Core Values. A circle represents a community. If just one point is dropped, the circle is broken. This teaches us that everyone in our community and everyone in the communities we serve - everyone has infinite value. Read More

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Why does the logo feature a large I ? Because everyone should believe that I - I personally - am responsible for a culture that values diversity as a strategy for achieving excellence and culture that embraces everyone in our medical school community. Read More

COMPASS Center for Community Engagement

COMPASS is the official address for community engagement at the OUWB School of Medicine. Just as a compass aids navigation and guides one's direction, COMPASS guides our medical school community in keeping true to our vision. Read More

Beaumont Health

OUWB 2018 Commencement