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Kyra Callicutt is ready to face nursing’s biggest challenges

Graduate student in the SON’s Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program

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Kyra Callicutt, Clinical Nurse Leader graduate student

icon of a calendarSeptember 9, 2022

icon of a pencilBy Adam DePollo

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At the undergraduate level, OU’s SON helps prepare the next generation of nurses for a career providing the highest level of care to patients in Michigan and throughout the country. But the SON is especially proud of its role helping nurses become the next generation of leaders in the field through its graduate and Ph.D. level programs.

One of those future leaders is Kyra Callicutt, who earned her BSN from OU in 2009 and is now enrolled as a graduate student in the SON’s Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program.

Callicutt met SON Associate Dean, Dr. Carrie Buch, in her current work as a Nurse Manager at McLaren Oakland through the student preceptor program. Dr. Buch shared details of the CNL program with Callicutt and she was immediately intrigued.

Once she learned about the CNL program, her decision to take the plunge and enroll was driven by her exposure to some of the biggest challenges in nursing today and her desire to help solve those problems.

“The concerns facing the future of nursing are the critical staffing shortages along with increased concerns that new graduates will not have the support or skills they need to succeed following licensure,” she said. “A capable CNL is vital for navigating these obstacles to evoke change.”

Now enrolled in the CNL program, Callicutt has enjoyed working closely with her faculty mentor, Dr. Claudia Grobbel.

“I am in awe of Dr. Grobbel’s talents and passion as an educator,” Callicutt said. “I interviewed with her for the program and knew that this was the perfect fit for me.”

Callicutt’s experience in the CNL program has helped crystallize her sense of a ‘mission’ in her career.

“My short-term passion is educating healthcare workers to take care of our patients every day” she said. “But my mission is to inspire others through innovative collaboration and transformational leadership. I envision being an effective change agent to develop the skills and confidence of my employees, aligning my organization’s goals for safe patient care.”

Looking forward, she is grateful for the CNL program for helping her reach the next stage in her career. Her ideal role would be one where she can put her leadership skills into practice while also having the support and freedom to pursue her personal interests.

“My long-term goal is to work as a director of nursing education for an organization that promotes a fluid environment to maintain my passion for nursing by supporting opportunities wherever my passion may take me,” she said. “Obtaining my master’s degree as a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) is a career steppingstone to further develop my education, leadership, and experience.”

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