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Jessica Payette


Associate Professor of Musicology

Contact: [email protected]
(248) 370-3148


Jessica Payette is Associate Professor of Musicology at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in musicology and humanities at Stanford University. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree (piano performance) and a Bachelor of Arts degree (art history) from the University of Minnesota where she was a Selmer Birkelo scholar. Professor Payette teaches segments of the undergraduate music history survey, a capstone course on music in twentieth-century Berlin, the introductory graduate research course, and graduate music history seminars.

Professor Payette’s research addresses opera in Austria, fin-de-siècle Vienna and the emergence of Expressionistic music, and choreographic music. She has also written about the compositions of Eleanor Smith, the first director of the Hull-House Music School in Chicago. Her work in progress includes a book entitled Revitalizing Musical Modernism in Postwar Austria and an edited collection examining the activities and cultural influence of women composers and musicians in Progressive Era Chicago. She is a member of the American Musicological Society, the Austrian Studies Association, the Dance Studies Association, and the Society for American Music.


Choreographic Music: Writings in American Arts Periodicals, 1914–1993. Music Library Index
     and Bibliography Series (Middleton, WI: A-R Editions, 2021).          

Eleanor Smith’s Hull House Songs: The Music of Protest and Hope in Jane Addams’s Chicago
     (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2019). Co-authored with Graham Cassano and Rima Lunin Schultz.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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     Arts.” In Melodramatic Voices: Understanding Music Drama, ed. Sarah Hibberd (Surrey,
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Reviews, Liner Notes, and Reference Articles

Review of Crosscurrents: American and European Music in Interaction, 1900–2000, eds. Felix
     Meyer, Carol J. Oja, Wolfgang Rather, Anne C. Shreffler. Journal of the Society for
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Liner notes for Gradient. Jeffrey Heisler, saxophone, and I-Chen Yeh, piano. AMP 017, 2015, CD.

“From Angry Anthems to Tragic Teuroteu: Listening to the Recalibration of Selfhood in Songs
     of Korean Sexual Trauma Survivors.” Review essay on Joshua D. Pilzer’s Hearts of Pine.
     Women and Music 17 (2013): 81–91.

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Contributor to The Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd Ed.  (New York: Oxford University
     Press, 2013). New entries on “Baskerville, Priscilla;” “Shields, Alice;” “Smith, Irene Britton;”
     “Sonic Arts Union.”

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