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Social Work
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Social Work, B.S.W.

For a number of years, Oakland University offered a social work concentration, which was not an accredited program. During the academic year 2006-2007, the University developed and presented a proposal for an accredited baccalaureate social work program to the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). In June of 2011 the program received full accreditation from CSWE. 
BSW Program Mission

Guided by a the principles of social and economic justice, cultural competence and the values and ethics of the social work profession, Oakland University’s BSW program prepares students for competent and effective generalist social work practice with multi-level systems (individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations).

Utilizing critical thinking and evidence based practice skills, graduates of the program are prepared to deliver empowerment based services to the oppressed populations of southeast Michigan.

BSW Program Purpose

Social work practice is concerned with enhancing the interactions between people and their social environments in order to enable people to accomplish life tasks, mediate distress and realize their aspirations and values.
The purpose of the social work program is to:
  1. Enhance the problem solving and coping capacities of people; 
  2. link people with systems that provide them with resources, services and opportunities;
  3. promote the effective and human operation of these systems; 
  4. contribute to the development and improvement of social policy.

Currently, the Social Work Program is housed within the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice in the College of Arts and Sciences.
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Assessment Reports

Competency-based education is an outcome performance approach to curriculum design. Competencies are measurable practice behaviors that are comprised of knowledge, values, and skills. The goal of the outcome approach is to demonstrate the integration and application of the competencies in practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

Read and print the ten core competencies.

Faculty and staff in the Social Work Program value a close working relationship with students and feel that careful advising and mentoring are critical. Students who declare a pre-major in social work and/or are admitted into the program are assigned an advisor.

Students are expected to meet with their advisor to develop a plan of study for completing the degree, and then every semester to discuss progress and any needs or concerns.

General Information
  • Students may be “pre-social work” majors up until they apply for formal admission into the program and become full, social work majors. Advising for pre-social work majors is done in the College of Arts and Sciences Office, 248-370-4567 on the second floor of 221 Varner. Pre-social work majors should contact the College Advisors to do a change of major form and to have a general education evaluation completed to determine how much course work, in addition to the social work curriculum, is required to complete the bachelor’s degree. 
  • Deadlines for admission is June 15th. Admissions forms are available here
  • Students will receive a plan of study when they are accepted into the program. At that time, students will be able to register for their social work classes. Every student admitted into the social work program is guaranteed a spot in all social work courses. Failing to follow the sequence will delay graduation. It is imperative that students stay in sequence according to their plan of study!
  • Orientations to the program are held in the Fall semester. Pre-social work and social work majors will be notified via email as to when these occur
  • Once students have been formally admitted into the program, an appointment with the advisor will be scheduled.
  • Students who are admitted in the Fall do two semesters of field internship in their senior year – starting in the Fall and completing by the end of the Winter semester. 
  • An orientation to field meeting will be held a semester before students are scheduled to enter field. At that time, the placement process is explained, the available agencies are described and an interview with the Field Placement Director is scheduled.


Students can schedule half-hour appointments with an Academic Adviser as needed when they have questions about their major program, class scheduling, or any issues related to their academic progress at Oakland University. Please call (248) 370-4567 to schedule an appointment or stop by our offices at 221 Varner Hall to make the appointment in person.

 Answers to general questions can often be found on the CAS Advising section. Please take the time to read this, as it can often eliminate your need to meet with an adviser.

Students can also refer general questions to our CAS advising e-mail address at Students will generally receive a response within 2 days during normal business hours. E-mail inquiries should be general in nature. If you have several questions, or very detailed questions about academic problems or your academic program, you should handle these during an appointment with an Academic Adviser. We cannot schedule appointments via e-mail, so call (248) 370-4567 if you need an appointment.


Who to Contact
At the main Oakland University campus:

Stephanie Brandimarte, Director of Field and Student Services
(248) 370-2502

At the Anton/Frankel Center campus:

Heather El-Khoury, LMSW , Coordinator of Field and Student Services, Macomb Anton/Frankel Social Work Program
(248) 370-3914
Career & MSW Programs
Social Work Career Information

Michigan State University MSW Program

Students have the option to take classes to complete their Bachelor of Social Work at our newly expanded location, the Anton/Frankel Center (AFC) in Macomb County. See the  OU Macomb County website for location, directions and more information; or contact Heather El-Khoury at (248) 370-3914 or

Oakland University Social Work Program offers social work CEU's multiple times throughout the year for a low cost of $10.00 per ceu credit. To hear about future CEU events, join the mailing list! Click here!

For more information, please contact Heather El-Khoury at or (248) 370-3914.

If you are a social worker that has an idea for a CEU workshop, please contact Heather.