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Along the Way
Enriching the career path is an important factor for all employees. To help keep things smooth sailing the Along the Way section will help you navigate the twists and turns and offer opportunities to Maintain, Train and Sustain the employee throughout the journey.

Even in the best of circumstances there will be bumps in the road which may cause an employee to take a detour. This section will guide the manager on handling leaves, employee issues, and other incidents when the road gets bumpy.

Leaves of Absence
Labor and Employee Relations
  • Labor/Employee relations
    • The Labor/Employee Relations Office provides consulting service to managers on the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements and work-related policies and procedures, including progressive disciplinary actions. This office also provides counsel and assistance to employees in resolving work-related problems. Managers or supervisors who are planning on taking disciplinary action against an employee, especially if that action is suspension or termination of employment, should contact the Labor/Employee Relations Manager for consultation. This service can be accessed by phoning extension 3498 or
  • Bargaining unit employees
    • Union contracts provide comprehensive policies and procedures that apply to employees represented by collective bargaining agreements. Review the Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable to your employees.
  • Non-represented employees
  • Employee counseling connection
  • Harassment/discrimination
  • Absence Management Guidelines
End of the Road
When the employee reaches the end of the road and they are ready to journey into a new future, there are several things the manager must do to finalize this employment. The Separation Checklist and following policies will be useful tools in bringing this journey to an end.
Please select the Personnel Action Form (UHR) in order to terminate an employee for any reason. You will need to log in with your Net ID to complete the form.