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Central Receiving

Central Receiving

Receiving and Delivery

The University's Receiving Department is responsible for accepting and delivering all departmental merchandise ordered from outside vendors unless shipped via the US Postal Service. These orders should be properly identified with a department name, department address, a purchase order number and/or the name of the individual who placed the order. However, Central Receiving cannot accept office supplies purchased through the university's current vendor, highly contagious materials, radioactive materials, and express services which are delivered directly to the offices. CRD vehicles has size and weight restrictions. If a shipment is too large for CRD to move, CRD will assist the ordering department in arranging for delivery by the moving department or a local firm contracted by the University. The ordering department will be responsible for any expenses.

All packages received at the University are scanned and affixed with a bar coded identifying label. As packages are delivered to the departments, the labels are scanned and the responsible departmental personnel sign for the receipt of the packages.

Departments should not assume one-day delivery out of Central Receiving. If an item is needed in a hurry, please contact Central Receiving to expedite the process or to arrange to pickup the package.

Personal Packages

Central Receiving may not use its resources for receipt or delivery of personal material. Items that are not related to University business should be sent to an individual's home address or Post Office box.

This restriction also applies to gifts addressed to an individual. Specifically, Central Receiving does not accept delivery of flowers - even for Valentine's Day. Friends and family should be advised of this fact. If flowers arrive by carriers such as UPS or FedEx recipient will be notified that item was received and advised that pickup at dock is required.

Acceptance of Packages

Before accepting and signing for a package, staff should verify:

  • the merchandise delivered is correctly addressed to that department
  • the quantity is correct
  • the items are not damaged
  • Once the package has been signed over to a department, Central Receiving personnel are no longer liable for the merchandise in any way.

Policy 1370 in the Administrative Policies and Procedures.  

Contact Information and Business Hours
Police & Support Services Bldg.
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Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m


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