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Rochester, MI 48309-4488
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OUAA Board Members Standing Together

OUAA Board of Directors

The Oakland University Alumni Association (OUAA) Board of Directors exists to enrich and engage the lives of alumni, students and friends to promote and advance Oakland University. This volunteer advisory board helps shape the future of alumni engagement at OU and strives to be representative of the entire Oakland alumni population. The board provides counsel and advice to the Office of Alumni Engagement and the University Advancement division, as well as the President and other members of university leadership.

Executive Committee

Nicholas Kristock, SBA 2014, 2013   

Vice Chair
Rob Ray, SBA 2005

Immediate Past Chair
Judy Hegelund, SBA 1995


Tara Michener, SEHS 2012

Lynne Lombard, SHS 1984

Members at Large

Mary Jo Ahern, CAS 1963

Humam Alwan, SECS 2020, 2019

Ashley Chambers, SHS 2013

Chiara Clayton, CAS 1998

Brett Geschke, CAS 2010

Renique Kersh, CAS 1999

Mike Lerchenfeldt, SEHS 2008

Leonard Magro, SECS 2001

Judy Pritchett, SEHS 2002, 1997, 1994, CAS 1988

Tim Shanahan, SEHS 1974 and CAS 1972

Scott Shermetaro, SECS 2015

Chris Van Dan Elzen, SECS 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994

Kaniqua Welch, CAS 2004

Emeriti Board Members

Beth Benson, SBA 1981
Manager, VP Office-Service Operations (retired)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Joseph Gardella, Jr, CAS 1977
John and Frances Larkin Professor of Chemistry
University at Buffalo, SUNY

Julie Granthen, SBA 1987, CAS 1981
Economics Lecturer, Oakland University

Past OUAA Chairs
Years servedName and Class Year(s)
2022-2024Judy Hegelund, SBA 1995
2020-2022Mark Guthrie, SBA 1991, SECS 1986
2018-2020Bryan Barnett, SBA 1998
2016-2018Beth Benson, SBA 1981
2014-2016Anthony Thornton, CAS 1976
2012-2014John Hruska, SBA 1989, BGS 1986
2010-2012Lynn Gross, SBA 1987
2008-2010Greggory Garrett, SECS 1997
2006-2008John Ganfield, SBA 1981
2004-2006Leo Bowman, CAS 1976
2001-2004Susan Evans, CAS 1987
1996-2001Marianne Fey, CAS 1980
1994-1996John Flick, SECS 1981,1977
1993-1994Colleen Ochoa Peters, CAS 1987
1992-1993Marjorie Neubacher, SEHS 1980
1991-1992Harrison E. Miller, Jr., CAS 1988, SEHS 1973
1990-1991Greg J. Demanski, SBA 1963
1988-1990Marty Sabo, SECS 1978
1986-1988Gerald B. Alt, CAS 1976
1985-1986Richard J. Wlodyga, SBA 1981
1984-1985Gary Marchenia, SBA 1972
1983-1984Barry M. Klein, CAS 1968
1981-1983John F. Mills, CAS 1972
1979-1980Ann D. Arner, SBA 1975
1978-1979Alan L. Mann, CAS 1970
1977-1978Robert A. White, SECS 1972, 1970
1975-1977Jeannine Daly, SEHS 1976, 1968
1973-1974Mary L. Wermuth, SEHS 1981, 1965 CAS 1969
1972-1973Leon Mellen, SECS 1967
1972Phillip G. Williams, SBA 1982, SECS 1964
2022 Strategic Plan

ELEVATE: The Board will prioritize its role in enhancing the reputation of OU, thereby increasing impact and visibility of the board.

  • We will actively and visibly represent the OUAA and Oakland University through our advocacy and participation.
  • We will champion student recruitment and retention efforts.
  • We will promote major university functions.
  • We will prioritize information collection and share information with others.

ENGAGE: The Board will prioritize its role in fostering a sense of pride in OU by engaging current and future alumni, faculty, staff and university administration.

  • We will lead by example to advocate for alumni participation in university activities.
  • We will be actively involved with programs and initiatives in our “academic units” (schools and colleges) and other organizations and departments (e.g., Greek organizations, career services and athletics).
  • We will expand our influence beyond Metro Detroit.

EMPOWER: The Board will prioritize its role in providing support for students, creating opportunities for networking and connecting with current and future alumni.

  • We will promote and participate in initiatives which provide opportunities for interaction with students, recent grads, and other alumni.
  • We will support philanthropic and revenue-generating efforts that impact the student experience.

EVOLVE: The Board will be forward thinking, innovative and dynamic, ensuring that the work of the Board evolves as the institution and world around us evolves.

  • We will annually review and reaffirm our strategic initiatives, adjusting where appropriate.
  • We will prioritize appreciation and celebration of OU’s history, while also blending past tradition with future progress.
  • We will prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion.