Computer Engineering, B.S.E.

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Our undergraduate computer engineering degree provides you with exciting interdisciplinary opportunities.

Southeast Michigan is a focal point for computer engineering innovation, and Oakland University’s computer engineering program sits right in the heart of the action. Our computer engineering degree puts you on the front lines of industry-leading breakthroughs in multiple sectors. We have computer engineering research partnerships with global corporations in automotive, health care, manufacturing, consumer electronics, and other high-impact industries. In addition, Oakland University’s computer engineering degree prepares you for designing and developing digital circuits and embedded systems, the technologies that put the “smart” in everything from portable electronics to self-driving vehicles. You’ll learn from computer engineering pioneers on and off campus, acquiring hands-on computer engineering experience that sets you apart in the job market and propels your computer engineering career to a fast start.

Computer Engineering Degree: The Oakland University Advantage

Our computer engineering degree allows you to acquire graduate-level experience as an undergraduate. Most computer engineering schools don’t introduce embedded systems until the graduate stage. Oakland University’s computer engineering program teaches these advanced skills using problem-solving approaches early-on in the undergraduate curriculum to prepare you for advanced internships and exciting careers.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Exposure to emerging technologies. Our computer engineering degree offers hands-on experience with cutting-edge applications in autonomous vehicles, medical devices, robotics, renewable energy, and many other fields. You’ll enter the job market with exceptional preparation for the most current challenges in computer engineering.
  • First-rate labs and facilities. Our Engineering Center opened in 2014, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and specialized labs. You’ll learn the same hardware and software computer engineering professionals use, while working in one-of-a-kind research facilities devoted to manufacturing, automotive, and other industries.
  • Exceptional faculty. You’ll learn from international experts who’ve broken new ground in applied research and academic scholarship. Our computer engineering program’s small class sizes allow you to form personal connections with faculty, collaborate with them on research, and receive mentoring and career guidance.
  • Unique industry partnerships. Global corporations in Southeast Michigan routinely seek Oakland University’s collaboration on computer engineering research. You can interact with these partners in classes and labs, acquire professional experience and training via internships, and establish connections that often lead directly to your first computer engineering job.
  • Cultural and gender inclusiveness. Students and faculty in our computer engineering program come from all over the world. We have a welcoming environment for students of every background, including women, international students, working adults, and military veterans.

Computer Engineering Salaries and Careers

Computer engineering salaries rank among the highest of any engineering profession. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median computer engineering salary is in the neighborhood of $110,000, higher than the average salary for other engineering career paths. Michigan computer engineering salaries are above the national average.

Our computer engineering program prepares you for a broad range of jobs and career pathways. You may find opportunities in fields such as:

  • Hardware engineering
  • Firmware programming
  • Embedded system design
  • Computer circuit design
  • Computer programming
  • Energy-efficient computing
  • Embedded controls
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Medical devices 

Computer Engineering Degree: What You’ll Study

The computer engineering degree begins with fundamental coursework in physics and calculus, and core engineering courses in thermal, industrial, electrical, and computer engineering. You’ll also take required classes in

  • Electromechanical systems
  • Data structures
  • Computer-aided design (AutoCAD)
  • Electric circuits
  • Digital logic
  • Computer hardware design
  • Microprocessors
  • Computer science
  • Communication signals and systems

Our computer engineering program includes optional concentrations in microelectronics, mechatronics, computer science, and communication. It concludes with a senior design project.

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