Policies, Critical Documents and Guidelines 

Academic Honesty
Academic Probation
Add /Drop and Schedule Changes
Appropriate Use of Space
Approving Away Electives
Assessing Students with Environmental Difficulties
Attendance and Class Participation
Authorship Guidelines
Blood Body Fluid Exposure Finger Stick
Classroom Guests
Clinical Skills Assessment
Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures
Consequences of the Loss of Access to the Medical Record System
Course and Faculty Evaluations
Criminal Background Check
Degree Conferment and Commencement Participation
Directed Independent Electives
Disability Accommodations
Discrimination Guidelines
Dismissal from Program
Dress Code
Educational Records
Formative Assessment and Feedback
Good Academic Standing
Grade Appeal Procedure
Graduation Requirements
Inclement Weather
International Electives-Global Health Electives
Leave of Absence
Links to External Websites from MedSync
M1 & M2 Grading and Longitudinal Course Grading
M3 & M4 Clerkship Grading
M3 Clerkship Progress Guidelines
M4 Elective Policy
Medical Education Research Policy
Modified M4 Year Schedules for Students with Academic Difficulties
Narrative Assessments for Courses and Clerkships
NBME Retest Policy for Technical Issues
Observership Guidelines for Clinical Experiences
Occupational Injuries
OUWB Professional Code of Conduct
OUWB Religious Observance
Procedure for Establishment of New Student Awards
Procedure for Reporting Student Awards to Committee on Student Awards
Professionalism Feedback Forms Policy
Quartile Authority Guidelines
Reporting Incidents of Mistreatment, Harassment or Acts of Discrimination
Resident and Fellow Preparation for Teaching
Responsibilities for Supervising Students in a Clinical Setting
Satisfactory Academic Progress to Maintain Enrollment Eligibility
Satisfactory Academic Progress to Maintain Financial Aid Eligibility
Sharing Information
Social Media Guidelines
Standards for Graduation
Standards of Conduct for the Learning Environment
Student Duty Hours