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Oakland University
Chemistry Seminar Series – Winter 2017

 All seminars start at 1:15 p.m. in 372 Mathematics and Science Center (map)



Seminar Speakers

 January 11

Sanela Martic, Oakland University
Mechanistic evaluations of protein pathogenesis: from disorder-to-order and back 

 January 18

Jianjun Wang, Wayne State University
Can we effectively treat malignant cancer by converting cancer into normal tissues?

January 25

Christine Chow, Wayne State University
RNA targeting: Bio-organic and bio-inorganic approaches

 February 1

Amitava Adhikary, Oakland University
Electron-induced site specific formation and reaction of aminyl radicals in azido-DNA models

 February 8

Michael Palmer, University of Waterloo
The action mode of daptomycin, a lipopeptide antibiotic 

 February 15

Amanda Garner, University of Michigan
Chemical approaches for targeting translational control

March 1

Jie Song, University of Michigan Flint
Terpenoids as mosquito repellents: A combined QSAR and DFT study

 March 8

Lars Konermann, University of Western Ontario
Studying protein structure and dynamics by mass spectrometry: From enzyme mechanisms to molecular motors

 March 15

Benjamin Swarts, Central Michigan University
Marking the mycomembrane: Chemical probes for studying the unique outer membrane of mycobacteria

March 22

Heedeok Hong, Michigan State University
Steric trapping reveals a cooperativity network in the intramembrane protease GlpG

March 29

Jianping Fu, University of Michigan
Mechanobiology, pluripotent stem cells, and early embryonic development

 April 5

Veronica Barone, Central Michigan University
Metal intercalation in layered materials: a computational perspective

April 12

Patrick Mullin, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Biotechnology: An overview and career opportunities for chemists