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Oakland University
Chemistry Seminar Series – Fall 2019

 All seminars start at 1:15 p.m. in 372 Mathematics and Science Center (map)



Seminar Speakers

September 11

Kai Sun, University of Michigan
Advanced Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy for Materials Research

September 18

Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb, University of Michigan
O2-dependent and O2-independent strategies for C-H bond functionalization

September 25

Ziming Yang, Oakland University
How do Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Transform in extreme Environments?

October 2

Evan Trivedi, Oakland University
Pyrollic Chromophores, Heterobimetallic 3d-4f Complexes, and the Chemistry of Color

October 9

Ngong Kodiah Beyeh, Oakland University
Halogen-Bonded Assemblies with Resorcinarene Receptors

October 16

Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor
A Solution for Wearable Electronics: Electroless Nickel-Immersion Gold Coatings for Stretchable Conductors and e-Textiles

October 23

Marcus Drover, University of Windsor
Snapshots of Migrating Hydrogen Atoms - Models for Donor-Induced Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer

October 30

Tim Dvonch, University of Michigan

November 6

Selvan Demir, Michigan State University

November 13

Trey Simpson, Lumicks
Versatile Tools Towards Real-time, Single-molecule Biology

November 20

James Geiger, Michigan State University
The Retinoid Binding Protein Family, a Powerful Template for Protein Design and Discovery

December 4

Suresh Palaniyandi, Henry Ford Health System