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The Oakland University Career and Life Design Center welcomes you to Handshake, the ultimate job-search and networking platform for students, alumni and employers. Post and apply for jobs, register for career fairs and career community events, network, find career resources and stay connected to the center.

Handshake Terms of ServiceHandshake Privacy Policy

With Handshake, Oakland University students can:

  • Schedule an appointment with Career and Life Design Coaches
  • Network and connect with employers
  • Browse and apply for career-related jobs and internships
  • Discover on-campus student employment opportunities
  • Learn about upcoming events
  • Access resources designed to help you with your journey
  • Apply for on-campus interviews

Handshake for Students

Sign in to Handshake with your NetID and password.

If you need assistance, contact the center at [email protected].

Handshake postings and events: Job, internship and event postings are included due to their potential interest to students. Inclusion of a posting does not imply school endorsement of the particular program, opportunity or school/employer described.

Whether you have been a graduate of Oakland University for two days or 30 years, Handshake is still a resource for you!

With Handshake, Oakland University alumni can:

  • Browse and apply for job opportunities that match your experience level and skill set
  • Schedule an appointment with the center to chat about your journey and goals
  • Explore the Resources Library, where you’ll find career exploration tools, interviewing tips and more
  • Learn more about Career and Life Design Center recruiting events

Handshake for Alumni

If you need assistance, contact the center at [email protected].

Handshake is the first stop to finding qualified Oakland University students and alumni.

With Handshake, you can:

  • Create and manage job postings
  • Register for Career and Life Design Center events and career fairs
  • Create an employer profile for students and alumni to view and connect
  • Sponsor and host recruitment and networking events
  • Schedule and manage on-campus interviews
  • Stay connected with Oakland University students and alumni

Handshake for Employers

If you need assistance, contact the center at [email protected].

Fraudulent Employers: Tips for Students

While searching for jobs in Handshake and other job boards, you must be aware of fraudulent employers attempting to scam students for money, personal information and other valuable data.

Legitimate employers will never ask for your financial or personal information during the application process. If you have already supplied this information, reach out to your financial institution immediately.

Beware of the following scenarios:

  • A request for your credit card or bank account numbers or other personal financial documentation. Do NOT give out any financial information at any point during your job-search and hiring process.
  • A request for your social security number and driver’s license information in the initial application. Personal information should never be asked during the initial application process.
  • A representative telling you that the organization does not have an office set up in your area and will need you to help get the office up and running. This scam often includes a request for your banking information, supposedly to help the employer make transactions.
  • A position that requires an initial investment, such as a payment by wire service or courier.
  • An offer of a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account, often for depositing checks or transferring money.
  • A request to deposit an unexpectedly large check into your bank account.
  • An opportunity to make “quick money.” Remember: Never process ANY financial transactions. Some organizations will offer a “one-day only special.” Their intent is to defraud you by sending or wiring money to your bank account. They will ask you to cash the check or send the monies to other accounts. Once your bank or financial institution processes the scammer’s check or financial request, you may be informed the monies are invalid or “not real.” In the meantime, you are held responsible for the funds the bank has sent at your direction to other accounts.

For additional information, refer to NACE's Fraudulent Employer help guide and read UTS's Phish Tank article.

If you would like to completely opt-out of Handshake and have all of your data removed from the system, follow the steps below. Please note that in doing so, you will no longer have access to job postings, event and fair registrations, employer networking, peer networking, appointment sign-up, career resources or any other service available through Handshake.

If you have not agreed to the Handshake Terms of Service:

  1. Complete a Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information form and submit to the Office of the Registrar. Note: this will opt you out of disclosure of Directory Information without your consent except in special circumstances.
  2. Once you have received confirmation from the Office of the Registrar that you have successfully opted out, notify the Career and Life Design Center via email that you would like your Handshake data removed.

If you have already agreed to the Handshake Terms of Services: Review the Handshake privacy policy and instructions or reach out to the Career and Life Design Center for help.

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