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Classroom Support and Instructional Technical Services

Varner Hall Rm 141
371 Varner Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)
[email protected]
M – Th: 7am – 8pm | Fr: 7am – 6pm | Sa: By appt. only

Classroom Support and Instructional Technical Services

Varner Hall Rm 141
371 Varner Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)
[email protected]
M – Th: 7am – 8pm | Fr: 7am – 6pm | Sa: By appt. only

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Frequently Asked Questions


General Purpose Classrooms (GPC)

  • Scheduled by the Office of the Registrar
  • Support multiple users in several disciplines utilizing a variety of teaching styles
  • Funded and maintained by centralized service departments

GPC Centralized Service Operations

  • Classroom Support Instructional Technical Services – Classroom Support Service Center, audiovisual and classroom technology systems design and installation, equipment distribution, and maintenance duties
  • Capital Planning and Design – learning space construction and renovation
  • Campus Facilities and Operations – maintenance of structural, electrical, and mechanical aspects of room; as well as custodial duties
  • Registrar – space steward and room scheduling
  • University Technology Services – network infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance duties

Classroom Resources – What you will find in every GPC space

All GPCs are equipped with: a Windows-based PC (resident PC), a basic web camera with a built-in microphone at the instructor's podium or GrizzFlex Technology (more details here), a chalkboard or whiteboard, digital projector(s) and display screen(s), a DVD or Blu-ray player (via the resident PC), a monitor with annotation pen capabilities, a document camera, and a user friendly touch control system. Each classroom is equipped to allow wireless internet access (Grizznet/Grizznet-Secure). Many GPCs have wireless microphones and assistive listening technologies, the majority of the other rooms could have either added if requested.

Non-General Purpose Classrooms, Computer Labs and Instructional Spaces

Non-General Purpose Classrooms, computer labs and various other instructional spaces are managed and maintained by various departments and units. All inquiries to their use must be made to the department stewards. There is no general listing of these spaces at this time.

Have additional classroom questions? Contact us at [email protected].

How do I obtain access to my classroom?
A General Purpose Classroom (Z4) key unlocks most General Purpose Classrooms.  Card swipe access via your GrizzCard is required for:  Hillcrest Hall classrooms, Varner Hall classrooms 205 and 206.

To obtain a Z4 key please complete the CSITS Z-Key Request Form.  Be sure to read and agree to the terms in the Key Control Policy 350.  A specific key is assigned to the individual on the key form with the key serial number assigned to them on the online form.

To obtain card swipe access, please submit a ticket with Classroom Support ( [email protected]) or OUPD ( [email protected]) to request access.  Be sure to indicate which room(s) you will be teaching in.

The individual must come in-person to the Classroom Support Service Center, located in Elliott Hall 103. They are required to bring one following types of identification with them:
  • Oakland University issued Faculty or Staff (non-student) GrizzCard.
  • Government issued ID, such as your driver’s license or passport, along with a printout of your Oakland University job offer letter.

Z4 keys are checked-out for the duration of your tenure with Oakland University.  Upon separation from employment from Oakland University, the CSITS Z-4 Key will need to be returned to Classroom Support Service Center, located in Elliott Hall 103 by the individual or the employing department.

Lost or non-returned keys will incur a $5.00 charge.

Access to non-General Purpose Classrooms is controlled by individual space stewards, Classroom Support is unable to unlock any non-General Purpose Classrooms.

To prevent equipment theft, please lock your classroom after each session.

How may I schedule training?
We offer group training on how to operate the equipment in General Purpose Classrooms at the start of each semester, or you may schedule an individual training session. For information on either, please contact Classroom Support.
How do I contact someone for help or report an equipment outage?
Simply give us a call at (248) 370-2461 and we'll be happy to assist you however we can. For non-urgent needs, we may also be reached via email at [email protected]. Be sure to provide a clear, concise summary and a detailed description of the problem. Classroom Support responds immediately to classroom failures reported by phone during our support hours.
The Classroom Support telephone number may be found on a sticker on the chalk/white board at the head of each classroom, on the desktop wallpaper of each computer, or the help button on touchscreen based room controls.
How do I login to a classroom computer?
All users of Oakland University classrooms are required to login using an OU ADMNET account and password in order to use the computers located in the classrooms. Classroom Support is not responsible for providing login credentials for any users of university computer resources. Once your NET ID account is created, your ADMNET account will be automatically created. Please visit netid.oakland.edu to set and sync your accounts and passwords. (Issues resetting your password? Contact the OU Help Desk at 248-370-4357). Access to university computing resources is governed by policy #890.
How do I connect my laptop to the classroom system?
Each classroom has a connection for your laptop–if you have HDMI output, then you can connect your computer to the classroom system and display your computer's output to your audience. Many modern laptops require different video adapters, we can help you determine which is the right one. Classroom Support has a limited quantity of common adapters that be loaned out on a short term basis while you acquire the proper one for your laptop.
I need to use a software package that is not installed in my classroom, what can I do?
Please see this page for information regarding Software Installation Requests.