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Annie Sullivan

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127 O'Dowd Hall
Assistant Professor of Film Studies and Production

Annie Laurie Sullivan is an Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies in the Department of English at Oakland University. Her work examines the complex ways in which race, cultural identity, and locality intersect with histories of film and television production. She has presented her work at a variety of academic conferences as well as community settings. Her current book project traces histories of Black broadcasting and community film production alongside broader processes of urban development and social change in Detroit during the second half of the 20th Century. In this project and beyond, Dr. Sullivan works to showcase how community media serve as records of quotidian resistance and integral components of civic infrastructure.

PhD - Screen Cultures, Northwestern University
MA - Cinema & Comparative Literature, University of Iowa
BA - Screen Arts and Cultures, Spanish, University of Michigan

Areas of study

  • Urban media studies
  • Non-theatrical and documentary cinemas
  • Film and television history
  • Race and ethnicity in media studies
  • Postcolonial cinemas
  • Detroit history

Selected Courses

  • CIN 1150: Introduction to Film
  • CIN 2100: Film and Formal Analysis
  • CIN 2150: Methods of Screen Criticism
  • CIN 3320: Hip Hop Cinema
  • CIN 3900: Black Women Filmmakers
  • CIN 4900: Detroit Media

Sullivan, Annie Laurie. “WGPR-TV Detroit: Building Black Media Infrastructure in the Post-Rebellion City” The Velvet Light Trap 83 (Spring 2019): 32-45.