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Undergraduate Programs

With a degree in history, you receive a versatile, critical education that can be applied to virtually any field or industry.

Program Overview Bachelor of Arts Requirements Minor Requirements Combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching

For current course descriptions, please visit the Course Descriptions section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Prepare for a career in teaching Social Studies at the secondary level with the combined Bachelor and Master of Arts in Teaching for the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP). This 5-year program combines content area coursework, teacher education coursework, field experiences, and student teaching in local schools. Our program prepares graduates to be highly effective educators who strive toward improving education for all children/youth in today's classrooms. After successful completion of the STEP program and all state licensure requirements, students earn a

  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies with History for Educators
  • Recommendation for a Standard Michigan Teaching Certificate in two grade bands (grades 5-9 & 7-12) to teach History, Government, Geography, and Economics
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

Department of History

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