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Remembering Ravi Parameswaran and John Tower

Two men in separate photos. First Ravi Parameswaran; second John Tower.

School of Business community remembers Drs. Ravi Parameswaran (left) and John Tower (right).

icon of a calendarMarch 15, 2021

icon of a pencilBy Claudette Zolkowski

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In late 2020, the OU School of Business community mourned the losses of Ravi Parameswaran, Ph.D., professor of marketing, who passed away October 16, and John Tower, Ph.D., retired dean and emeritus professor, who passed away December 25.

Dr. Parameswaran joined the OU community in fall 1980 where he served as a professor of marketing until his death. During his tenure, he held the role of Chair of the Department of Management and Marketing. Dr. Parameswaran dedicated his 44-year career to preparing students for successful careers in marketing and marketing research. He also conducted extensive academic research in international business and marketing, marketing measurements and research, and buyer-supplier relationships. Memorial gifts can be made to the Ravi Parameswaran Memorial Fund at Oakland University. Funds will be used to award a scholarship in his honor (fund MRPMF-OU) ( Read the full obituary for Dr. Parameswaran at AJ Desmond and Sons website.

In his 40 years at Oakland University, Dr. Tower served as professor of economics and management, associate dean, interim dean and drop-in adviser. He first retired in 1999, returned in 2004, and then retired for the second time in 2006. Known as much for his sense of humor as his leadership, Dr. Tower also loved cars, especially his notable blue convertible PT Cruiser. In his obituary, colleague David Doane stated, "For decades, it is correct to say that John Tower was the School of Business. In the eyes of most students. John was simply always there." Memorial gifts can be made in honor of Dr. Tower to the SBA Tower Scholarship fund (31023) ( Read the full obituary for Dr. Tower at Sullivan and Sons website.

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