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Support for completion scholarships prove critical

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icon of a calendarApril 7, 2020

icon of a pencilBy Claudette Zolkowski

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Today’s college students balance work, school and family commitments, and often bear the full financial responsibility in support of their education. Nationally, more than half the students who dropout of college cite problems juggling work and school. Another national study indicates that almost 15 percent of students who have completed 75 percent of their required courses leave college before earning their degree due to financial concerns.

“Too often, students exhaust their financial-aid allotment or run into financial burdens prior to completing their degree,” says Kristen Cometto, director of philanthropy, Oakland University School of Business Administration. “Completion scholarships provide critical support to students in achieving their goal of graduation.”

College completion scholarships offer just-in-time financial relief to help students cross the finish line to graduation.

That is why the Oakland University School of Business Administration is focused on securing funding to create completion scholarships to provide aid to students who have completed at least 92 credits and require financial support to complete their coursework.

Thanks to the generous commitments from the following supporters who stepped forward to seed endowed scholarships, the OU business school is on its way to creating a path for business students to break through that final financial barrier to complete their degree.

George Corona, MBA ’85

Retired President and CEO, Kelly Services

I felt compelled to help OU business students achieve their goal to complete their education after learning the number of OU seniors in good academic standing who don’t finish their degrees due to financial hardship. I’m impressed by the work the Oakland University business school is doing to provide scholarships to assist these students.

Michael Hermanoff and Sandy Hermanoff

Vice President, Hermanoff & Associates, CEO and President, Hermanoff Public Relations

Touched by a fellow student's own struggles to finish college, the Hermanoff's now provide a scholarship every year to a student at both Sandy’s (Ohio State) and Michael’s (University of Michigan) alma mater who cannot afford to finish their senior year. They extended that commitment to supporting completion scholarships through their contribution to the Oakland University Business Completion Scholarship Endowment, thus helping students closer to where they live and work to realize their dreams.

Mark Mendola, ACC ’86

Vice Chair and U.S. Managing Partner, PwC

Executive Member, OU School of Business Administration Board of Visitors
I have seen the benefits firsthand of individual’s contributions to the OU School of Business Administration and the impact it has on students to set them up on the path to success. I chose to support an annual School of Business Administration scholarship as it is important to assist students who are motivated to complete their business degree, but lack the financial support to do so. Knowing the value of an Oakland University business degree in the market, it is important that alumni help others so they can enjoy the same experience as we did.

Peggy Chiu

Computer Facilities Administrator, School of Business Administration, Oakland University

As a parent of two young adults, I learned that many of my children’s classmates and friends are not able to complete their college degrees due to financial hardship. Despite working various part-time jobs, securing student loans, and balancing study and family obligations, completing the degree without any scholarship assistance may force them to drop out of college. Only about 25 percent of Michigan adults ages 25 to 64 have some college education, but no degree. I support the Completion Scholarship Endowment so OU business students can achieve their goals.

For more information on completion scholarships and ways to support, please contact Kristen Cometto, director of philanthropy, at [email protected] or (248) 370-2121.

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