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Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates offered by the Master of Public Administration program are designed to provide students who have already earned a bachelor's degree with additional education and training in specialized areas of public management and administration.

To earn a Graduate Certificate, students must successfully complete at least 12 credit hours from their choice of one of these five specializations:

  • Court Administration - the Court Administration graduate certificate provides pre-career and in-career students with the knowledge and skills in a wide array of topics to ensure our state and federal courts run efficiently, from jury selection and management to case administration and processing.

  • Criminal Justice Leadership - the Criminal Justice Leadership graduate certificate provides pre- and in-career students planning to engage in supervisory roles at various criminal justice institutions, with a comprehensive curriculum that will expand their understanding of contemporary issues shaping current practice and policy.

  • Health Care Administration - the Health Care Administration graduate certificate provides pre- and in-career students with coursework and best practices information in health care management and administration.

  • Local Government Management - the Local Government Management graduate certificate provides pre- and in-career students with coursework in leadership and management within municipalities, along with a thorough review of local, state, and federal policies governing employment practices.

  • Nonprofit Organization and Management - the Nonprofit Organization and Management graduate certificate prepares pre-career and in-career students interested in the nonprofit sector to develop skills and competencies vital to nonprofit organization management and performance, including financial management, fundraising and philanthropy, as well as marketing and public relations.

Students in the Graduate Certificate program will be required to earn a grade of 'B' or above in each course required for the certificate.

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