Political Science

Anibal House, Room 211
630 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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(248) 370-2352

Students seated at a long desk, taking notes.

Undergraduate Programs

The Political Science Department offers a number of undergraduate degree programs. These include the Political Science, B.A.; the International Relations, B.A.; and the Public Administration & Public Policy, B.S. Minors are also available in Political Science, International Relations, and Public Administration & Public Policy.

There are two specializations available under the Political Science major, specialization in Courts, Justice & Politics, and Campaigns & Elections. There are also two specializations available under the International Relations major, specialization in Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy, and Global Justice & Sustainability.

The Department also participates in the Law School 3+3 Program in cooperation with Wayne State University Law School, University of Detroit Mercy Law School and Michigan State University College of Law.

Majors in Political Science, International Relations, or Public Administration & Public Policy are also good fits with other related areas of study for students interested in pursuing a second major or a minor.