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Student Awards and Honors

The Undergraduate Distinguished Achievement Award and Outstanding Dissertation and Thesis Awards are available for Oakland University students. To view awards and honors available for faculty and staff, please see our Awards and Honors page on the OU Employee Resource Network.

Undergraduate Distinguished Achievement Award


Any regularly enrolled undergraduate student is eligible upon nomination by a faculty member or staff member.


Nominations minimally should consist of a letter of nomination and preliminary documentation of the specific effort that is being recognized.


The purpose of these awards is to recognize extraordinary academic achievement beyond that required for good grades. Thus for instance a student-originated publication in the arts or sciences, a publication with major student input, presentation of research or creative endeavor at a professional conference, a literary work, an exceptional research report, the creation or performance of an artistic work, or the construction of a device or instrument could all be the basis for this award.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the nominations:

  • Originality
  • Extent of effort
  • Scholarly significance
  • Artistic merit/significance

Obviously only some of these criteria will apply to any given nomination. Furthermore the criteria will be refined as a specific history of nominations develops. It may be necessary, in certain cases, to seek additional help in evaluation from experts outside the committee.


Upon receipt of a letter of nomination, the chair of the committee will distribute copies of the letter and supporting information to the committee members. Additional requests for back-up information and documentation will be made promptly.

All members of the committee will read the letters of nomination and supporting materials. The committee will meet no later than two weeks after the deadline for nominations to discuss its decision. The committee's recommendation will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs. Upon approval of the Academic Affairs office, the committee will notify the recipient of the award and the nominating faculty member. The committee chair will write a commendation to be read to the student at the graduation ceremony and printed on the award certificate.

The awards will be presented at the Fall Commencement exercises.

Outstanding Dissertation and Thesis
Outstanding Dissertation Award RecipientDegreeYear
Ke QuChemistry2019
Amy Siebert-McKenzieBiomedical Sciences2018
Deirdre PittsEducational Leadership2018
Taraneh Matloob HaghanikarReading Education2017
Xin XieMechanical Engineering2017
Shinko KondoMusic Education2016
Jia LiBiomedical Sciences2016
Simon OmekandaElectrical and Computer Engineering2015
Hypaitia RauchBiology2014
Brandon Scott TwardyBiomedical Sciences2013
Lisa Ann StrurgsEarly Childhood Education2012
Jiman HanMechanical Engineering2012
Benjamin A. Buller Medical Physics2011
Kishor KarkiMedical Physics2010
Adam K. SniadyHealth and Environmental Chemistry2009
Betty Savel KozmaEducational Leadership2008
Deborah L. JanksMedical Physics2007
Mingkun LiElectrical Engineering2006
Deborah VanderLinde BlairMusic Education2006

Outstanding Thesis Award RecipientDegreeYear
Leart SejdarasiChemistry2018
Zoe Johnson-UlrichPsychology2017
Margo Rae StanfaExercise Science2016
Stacey Marie Wensink Biology2015
Nan XuMechanical Engineering2014
Xin XieMechanical Engineering2013
Jeffrey P. StephensBiological Sciences2012
Ann Marie WambekeHistory2011
Jennifer Ann LaamHistory2009
Noel BalzanMechanical Engineering2008