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Opportunities for Students

Through hands-on experience and scholarship, Oakland University students are surrounded by support in the Religious Studies program. Please view the tailored and growing opportunities below.

REL 4950 (Formerly REL 450) Religious Community Project Internship
(4 credit hours)

The Religious Studies program at Oakland University offers both a concentration in Religious Studies (28 credit hours required) and minors in either Christianity studies, Islamic studies or Judaic studies (20 credit hours required for each). In addition, students may major in religious studies according to an individually approved course of study (students develop this individualized program in consultation with the program director).

Each of these three options - individualized major, concentration, or minor - affords opportunity for REL 450, Religious Community Project Internship, as a capstone course for the chosen program of study. The purpose of this course is to involve the student in the religious life of the greater Detroit community in a practical and experiential way. This hands-on learning opportunity is understood to be an integral part of the learning experience that the religious studies program provides, not simply an add-on to "pure" academic study. The opportunities for service-learning that characterizes this class vary in content from semester to semester, but consistently offers the student the opportunity to become involved in the activities of real-life non-profit organizations and religious institutions that strive for the improvement in the quality of life in this region. Typically, the student keeps a journal of his/her activities and meets at least twice a month with the project director in order to track and process the experience. It is expected that the student will spend 4-6 hours per week on this project. In addition, the student will be required to read resources materials as determined by the project director as the course unfolds. At the conclusion of the course, a 4-5 page (single-spaced, space between paragraphs) summary, evaluation and over-all integration of the experience with previous classroom learning will be submitted electronically by the student to the project director.

At the beginning of the term, a student participating in the project internship should make an appointment with the Religious Studies Community Project adviser, Dr. Randall Engle, at [email protected].

The religious studies program has a limited number of $1,000 scholarships available for qualified students enrolled in either the Islamic or Judiac Studies minors. For details about these scholarships, contact the director of religious studies, Henri Gooren at [email protected].

Additional information about scholarship opportunities offered through the university can be found on the financial aid website.

The Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Islamic Studies Scholarship

The Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Islamic Studies Scholarship was established in honor of the late Mrs. Sheikh, a native of Lahore, Pakistan. Although Mrs. Sheikh was schooled at home in a traditional manner and did not receive a formal education, she held a strong belief in education and encouraged all eight of her children to pursue college studies; three of her children are practicing physicians. Mrs. Sheikh was active in her community and a leader in her faith; she performed Hajj and continue to do so even after she was severely disabled by arthritis.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students may apply who have completed at least one course in the curriculum for the Islamic Studies minor and meet University standards for academic achievement. The scholarship may be used towards a university approved study abroad program or tuition.

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The Lois and Mark Shaevsky Tuition Award for Judaic Studies was created to encourage students, both Jews and non-Jews, to learn more about the history, politics and culture of the Jewish people and their contributions to society both in America and abroad.


Students who have taken or are currently enrolled in the Introduction to Judaism course, and are eligible for financial aid, are also eligible to apply for the tuition award. Preference will be given to students who declare the Judaic Studies minor.

Scholarship Amount

Minimum one class for a course in the Judaic Studies minor, while funds are available.

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