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Heidi Lyons

Headshot - HEIDI LYONS

Associate Professor of Sociology and Advisor
520A Varner
(248) 370-2684
[email protected]

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
Family, population, social demography, sex and gender, quantitative and qualitative methods, intimate dyad, and life course

Selected Publications

Warner, David and Heidi Lyons. Forthcoming. "Older Married Couples' Sexual Expression: A Dyadic Latent Analysis." Journal of Personal and Social Relationships.

Lyons, Heidi A., and George Sanders. 2020. "Bridging Hinges: The Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values of Emerging Adults' Sexualities." Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood, edited by E. M. Morgan and M. H. M. van Dulmen. Oxford University Press.

Lyons, Heidi Ann. Forthcoming (Available Online Before Print). “Subjective Adult Identity and Casual Sexual Behavior.” Advances in Life Course Research. Refereed.

Lyons, Heidi A., Wendy D. Manning, Monica A. Longmore, and Peggy C. Giordano. 2015. “ Gender and Casual Sexual Activity from Adolescence to Emerging Adulthood: Social and Life Course Correlates.” Journal of Sex Research 52 (5): 543-557. Refereed.

Lyons, H. A., Manning, W. D., Longmore, M. A., & Giordano, P. C. 2014. "Young Adult Casual Sexual Behavior: Life-Course-Specific Motivations and Consequences." Sociological Perspectives, 57(1), 79-101.

Lyons, H. A., & Smith, Scott J. 2014. "Religiosity and the Transition to Nonmarital Parity." Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 11(2), 163-175.

Burgess-Proctor, Amanda, Graham Cassano, Dennis J. Condron, Heidi A. Lyons, and George Sanders. (2014). "A collective effort to improve sociology students' writing skills." Teaching Sociology, 42(2), 130-139.

Heidi Lyons, Wendy D. Manning, Peggy C. Giordano, and Monica A. Longmore. 2013. “Predictors of Heterosexual Casual Sex among Young Adults.” Archives of Sexual Behavior, 42: 585-593.

Heidi Lyons, Peggy Giordano, Wendy Manning, and Monica Longmore. 2011. "Identity, Peer Relationships, and Adolescent Girls' Sexual Behavior: An Exploration of the Contemporary Double Standard." Journal of Sex Research, 48(5): 437-449.
* Winner of the 2011 Hugo G. Beigel Research Award (Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality)

Wendy Manning, Deanna Trella, Heidi Lyons, and Nola Du Toit. 2010. "Marriageable Women: A Focus on Participants in a Community Healthy Marriage Program." Family Relations, 59: 87-102.

Courses Taught
SOC 100 Intro to Sociology
SOC 202 Research Methods
SOC 203 Social Statistics with Computer Applications
SOC 308 Population Dynamics
SOC 335 Sociology of the Family

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work & Criminal Justice

Varner Hall Room 518
371 Varner Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-4482
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fax: (248) 370-4608

Social Work
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