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Applying for Financial Aid

To receive financial aid, you must be admitted to and enrolled at Oakland University. Whether applying as an undergraduate, graduate or medical student, the first step is to apply for admission.

Your first step in applying for federal financial aid is to create your login credentials. If you are married or a dependent student, your contributors (your spouse or parent(s)) will also need to create a login. Your next step in applying for federal financial assistance is to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must complete the FAFSA each year in order to apply for federal financial assistance and to maintain eligibility for need-based institutional funding. Submit your FAFSA as soon as it becomes available each year to maximize federal, state, and OU financial aid eligibility. 

Federal Aid

Applying for federal financial aid is easy with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as the FAFSA. When a FAFSA is completed, a student is considered for federal aid, State of Michigan aid, and Oakland University grants using the single federal application. To access and sign the FAFSA, as well as access federal websites related to financial aid, you must create login credentials. Parent contributors whose information is included on the FAFSA must also create login credentials, to complete and sign their sections of the FAFSA electronically, and to access federal websites related to financial aid. If you are a married student, your spouse must also create a login. Create an account now.

After you’ve created your login, your next step in applying for financial assistance is to complete the FAFSA. You must complete the FAFSA each year in order to apply for federal financial assistance and to maintain eligibility for need-based institutional funding. Submit your FAFSA as soon as it becomes available each year to maximize federal, state, and OU financial aid eligibility. Include Oakland’s school code (002307) on your FAFSA to ensure we receive your application. Use the FAFSA Checklist to prepare to complete your FAFSA.

Need help with your FAFSA? No problem! Join a virtual FAFSA workshop or speak to an adviser for assistance. We are ready to help.

State of Michigan Aid

State of Michigan aid programs require the FAFSA and may require additional application materials. Once your first FAFSA has been processed (1-3 days after submission), you are able to create the MiSSG student portal to access information and necessary materials about State of Michigan financial aid and manage your School of Choice. 

Until you create your student portal access, visit the State of Michigan website for students and families to learn more about the MiSSG student portal, MI Student Aid programs, and even access the MI scholarship search tool. Learn more about MI Student Aid.

Oakland University Aid

Oakland University scholarships and grants are automatically offered to incoming freshmen and transfer students through the admissions process and when the FAFSA is processed by Student Financial Services. 

Future undergraduate students can view the eligibility criteria and renewal information for OU automatic scholarships and grants

Students currently attending OU can view renewal criteria for their automatic scholarships and grants by visiting the Admitted and Enrolled Undergraduate Students page.

In addition to the scholarships and grants automatically awarded to incoming undergraduate students, Oakland University also offers OU Annual Scholarships from academic and student service departments. These endowed scholarships require a single application available to complete annually for admitted and enrolled students. View the available OU Annual Scholarships.

Private Aid

Private aid is generally considered aid received from a source other than the university, state, and federal governments. Private aid can be scholarships from organizations, foundations, and/or businesses. Private loans can come from a bank, credit union, or private lender of your choice. 

Private Scholarships
Private scholarships are abundantly available for students. Students can increase the probability they will be selected for private scholarships by increasing the number of applications submitted. Consider making a weekly goal of how many applications you want to submit or how much time you want to spend applying for scholarships each week, then aim to meet that goal each week until you graduate from OU! Search for private scholarships on large online databases, such as:
State of Michigan Scholarship Search

Private Loans
Private loans should be used as a very last resort, if possible. Government loan programs usually offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment plans than most private/alternative loans; if you’re eligible you can find the federal loan(s) offered to you on your MySail. Maximize your borrowing from all federal loans before considering supplemental funds from a private loan. The limit on a private loan is equal to the cost of education minus other awarded financial aid.  

A number of banks, credit unions, and lending institutions offer education loans to students to assist with paying for the cost of your college education. If students need to utilize loans, it is best to exhaust all federal loan options before seeking a private loan. Should you need a private loan, choose loan programs you can live with long term. A co-signer may be required, depending on your credit history and credit worthiness. You may be required to meet certain academic performance standards. Some lenders will require you to begin repayment while you’re still in school. OU will certify a private loan from any private lender, so students can choose to apply for a private loan with any banking institution of their choice, so borrow wisely and compare lenders to make a smart, long-term choice. 

The following list represents lenders who provided loans to 5 or more Oakland University students according to a recent analysis of loans for the 2019-2020 year. This private lender list (arranged in alphabetical order) is reviewed periodically and is subject to change. Oakland University does not receive inducements or incentives from any private lender. Oakland University does not have relationships or agreements with any of the lenders listed here:

Be wary of private loan offers which discourage you from working with your financial aid office, offer introductory rates, do not tie the loan interest rate to a fixed percentage of LIBOR or PRIME rate, or claim  you can apply and receive money immediately. Consider these factors when shopping for a lender:


  • Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional Development, Certification
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Enrollment Requirements – ie., less than half-time
  • International Students

Interest rate

  • With or without a co-borrower (co-signer)
  • Interest adjusted when and how


  • Origination fees and other charges
  • Prepayment
  • Late fees

Borrower benefits

  • Direct Debit
  • Co-borrower release
  • Graduation reward

Repayment terms

  • When does repayment begin?
  • Can principal and interest be deferred?
  • When is interest capitalized?
  • Maximum repayment period

Loan limits

  • Minimum loan amount
  • Annual and aggregate loan limits
  • Allow loans for past balances (if applicable)


  • Responsive customer service

Student focused

Receive Financial Aid Offer

Once your FAFSA is received and processed, electronic financial aid offer notifications are sent to your Oakland email address, asking you to view on MySAIL the amount and types of financial aid for which you are eligible. It's a good idea to review the financial aid Policies, Terms, and Conditions and regularly check your Oakland University email — you do not want to miss the financial aid offer notifications, which will include directions for your next steps.

If there are any changes or updates to your financial aid offer, a revised notification will be sent. If a situation occurs which significantly impacts your household's current financial standing, you should call (248) 370-2550 to speak with a financial aid adviser immediately.

Financial aid is initially offered for the regular academic year (fall/winter semesters) but may be available during the summer semester. Learn more about financial aid for summer classes.

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