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Honors College Staff

Dr. Graeme Harper headshot
Dr. Graeme Harper
(248) 370-4450
[email protected]

Anne Jackson Headshot
Anne Jackson
Assistant Dean
[email protected]

Sheri Rourke Headshot
Sheri Rourke
Executive Secretary
(248) 370-4443
[email protected]

Jessica Briggs Headshot
Jessica Briggs
Office Assistant III
(248) 370-4521
[email protected]

Adrienne Spitzer Headshot
Adrienne Spitzer
Senior Honors College Counselor
(248) 370-4419
[email protected]

A headshot of Jenna Przeslawski.
Jenna Przeslawski
Honors College Counselor
Presidential Scholar Developmental Instructor
(248) 370-4524
[email protected]

Linda Veeser Headshot
Linda Veeser
Honors College Counselor
(248) 370-3727
[email protected]

Jennifer Buck Headshot
Jennifer Buck
Office Assistant (Main Office)
(248) 370-4450
[email protected]

Susan Lynne Beckwith Headshot
Susan Lynne Beckwith
Faculty Fellow, Competitive Thesis Grants
Applebaum Internship Coordinator
Prestigious Scholarship Coordinator
[email protected]

Christina Byrd Headshot
Christina Byrd
Honors College Career Counselor
(248) 370-4447
[email protected]

Alanna Courtright Headshot
Alanna Courtright
Graduate Assistant
[email protected]

Elizabeth Chlebek Headshot
Elizabeth Chlebek
Advising Graduate Assistant
[email protected]

The Honors College

Oak View Hall, Room 210
509 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)
(248) 370-4450
Fax: (248) 370-4479

The Honors College dean and course committee selects from the full range of Oakland’s faculty, which means you can access the expertise of an entire comprehensive doctoral/research university. Our classes are small, personal and focused on success. You will have Honors College friends and colleagues in every major, every department, and in every discipline. As your faculty, staff and advisers, we support personal excellence.