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Honors College Graduation Requirements

Graduation Application Deadlines

December Candidates (Fall) apply online by the last Friday in September.
April Candidates (Winter) apply online by the last Friday in January.
August Candidates (Summer) - apply online the last Friday in May.

Honors College Graduation Requirements

  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Complete HC Gen Eds as discussed with your HC Advisor
  • See an HC Advisor at least once a year 
  • Complete a Senior Audit the year you will graduate, preferably at least a semester prior to graduation.
  • Submit your "Involvement Hours" tracking spreadsheet (deadline will be announced via email).  See "Student Resource" tab for involvement types.
  • Work on and complete your HC Language Plan.
  • Complete HC 3900: ST: Research and Scholarship . This is your thesis proposal. 
    • Discuss your thesis project at The ICE Festival
    • Complete your Thesis or Creative Project

Thesis Deadlines & Archive Directions

  1. Before sending a final thesis to your Mentor or The Honors College, review the Final Thesis Checklist (making sure you have followed the proper formatting etc).
  2. Send a copy of the "Mentor's Final Thesis Evaluation Rubric" to your mentor BEFORE you turn your thesis into The  Honors College.  Otherwise your thesis/evaluation may not be considered for the Thesis Award (certificate of excellence) or a Thesis with Distinction in a Field Award (certificate of excellence and HC Sash to wear at graduation).
    1. Mentors forward completed evaluations to [email protected] and cc Anne Jackson at [email protected].
  3. Deadlines
    1. December Candidates (Fall) - first Friday in December
    2. April Candidates (Winter) - first Friday in April
    3. August Candidates (Summer) first Friday in August
  4. Archiving your Thesis
    1. Wait until you receive an email prompting you to archive.
    2. Save your thesis in pdf format for uploading to the Kresge website.
    3. Go to Kresge Library website and select "OUR@oakland (far right side of your screen). Log into your account.
    4. Under "My Account", select "Submissions"
      1. Choose "Undergraduate Student Scholarship" from the drop down menu, select "Next" and follow prompts.
      2. Your submission will be directed to The Honors College for approval before it goes live in the archive.  Approvals will be given AFTER ALL thesis proposals have been reviewed and approved for each graduating candidate.

Humanitarian Service Award

The Honors College seeks to award students who go above and beyond when it comes to advocating for human welfare and social reform.  If you would like to be considered for this prestigious award, complete an application by the March 15th deadline.  This award is based on Cumulative Humanitarian Service since joining The Honors College.

Humanitarian Service Award Application

Presidential Scholar Medallion Program

Honors College students who receive Presidential Scholarships but do not complete the "Presidential Scholar Medallion Program" will not receive the recognition items as listed below. 

The Presidential Scholarship Medallion Program is optional.  Students who matriculated to Oakland University with a Presidential Scholarship and who will graduate from The Honors College, will be eligible for the following accolades:

  • Graduate as a "Presidential Scholar" 
  • Have the designation reflected on their college transcript. 
  • Receive recognition in the commencement program
  • Be a recipient of a "Presidential Scholar Medallion" as well as "The Honors College Medallion" at graduation.



  • Meet the Presidential Scholarship renewal criteria (semester by semester) as outlined by Student Financial Services.
  • Meet the Presidential Scholar yearly requirements as outlined by the Honors College.
  • Maintain good standing as outlined by the Honors College.
  • Graduate from the Honors College.



The Honors College

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